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Fight Defeat

Suicide is not cowardly, but it’s not brave
Everyone says you become wiser with age
But is that really the case when most of us live in our own defeat?
Everyone sits happily, afraid to show their true selves; afraid to show they’re weak
You don’t have to accept defeat, you can fight it, you don’t have to be meek

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A battle with self.

In a dusky morning, the sun was setting,
Wanted to scream in a silent mic.

No more of this frustration, no more of this hatred,
Death was the only freedom came to his mind.

Listening to the people, listening to himself he realised,
Many a things don't matter, So does his life.

Losing his hobby, his like, his ego, his pride.
Losing his humanity, was what it was like.

'Try to stay po...

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A Million Questions Unanswered

It's just another typical night out with the lads
the beers are flowing 
and shots are being downed
while shamelessly flirting with a hen party
enjoying a night on the town.

See that fella over there?
Aye that's the one
life and soul of the party
filling the air with banter and bravado
a proper man's man
tough as old boots he is.
Captain of his local rugby team
he's got hands like shov...

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