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Hot heat cosmic dust hazes windshields on scorchio waydays to say

the journey fades with heat fatigue.

The quiet shaded burrow of tranquility beneath the berried hedgerow

beckons home.

Oh! To suck the oxygen off chlorophyll leaf, lick glassy dew from grassy tips,

hear birds quaver with quivering syrinx and feel my own feet upon the ground.

Memories rush in, vivid as holidays.


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Chapter 13: Love Across The Universe

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You look so beautiful tonight
Like a shining star wrapped in gold
Waiting in patience for the moment 
When you make my wish come true.

The sun is kissing the moon tonight 
A hopeless romantic with a charming heart 
Only to tame a girl with a beautiful soul.

You got this seductive smile
Sending a wicked sensation down my soul
How did I ever meet a girl like you?

Stop trying to hide these ...

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Philae Shakes The Hand Of God

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Philae Shakes The Hand Of God

What is the etiquette
for shaking hands
with God?

His ancient skin
so cracked
and old.

We have travelled far
to penetrate
His hide.

The cold, dark cosmos
squeals with

“Know your place,
you of greens
and blues”,

sing the disregarded
stars and

We pass through
the blazing tails
of comets.

We burn money
in plasm...

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One million hearts speak as one; I listen to the solitary one who cries out in eloquent despair. That single wounded heart will claim me by her right and ensnare me and save me from me and I’ll never break it. She’ll bring me happiness after years of sorrow. Her name is?

Rockets are for the benefit of the human race taking us to the stars or for the worst, blowing us to bit...

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