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A Shell

I stare at the empty shell in the mirror.

Is this what I am now?

My flesh tainted,

clothes tight and suffocating,

nothing looks right anymore.

My hair falls in the wrong ways,

my makeup is now a mask.

I am numb.

I am blistered and broken.

Nothing is real anymore.

I look away,

and once again

I am encased in the hopelessness 

of this damned shell.

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The Devil

His touch is revolting,

hot. agressive. forced.

His breath rancid,

moist. surrounding. tainted.

His saliva was acidic,

impure. contaminated. corrosive.

I push away,

but I am overruled. 

My skin is burning off at his every touch.

I shake

as my flesh melts off my skeleton.

Looking down at myself,

I see a shell of who I once was.

I peer into his dark,

empty e...

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