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Bon Appétit Monsieur Le Tory!

« Aw diddums! ‘as Bo Jo tekken away thi whips?

Tha’d best get thi guns eawt then, on’ t’ shootin’ sticks.

Lookin’ on t’ breight side…a well - flogged peasant,

Just ain’t got the texture on’ ne’er tastes uz pleasant,

Uz pulled leaded pheasant…avec jus de pissed-on chips! »



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Early Autumn Lake

Below the incurious sheep on the hill

                that stare at me as they endlessly chew

The sun is warm and I perch on a stone to watch quietly

As it is reflected off the surface of the lake:

                the part not covered with pond weed

                where flies dip and buzz

                dragonflies and damselflies dart

                     and hover:


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