Early Autumn Lake

Below the incurious sheep on the hill

                that stare at me as they endlessly chew

The sun is warm and I perch on a stone to watch quietly

As it is reflected off the surface of the lake:

                the part not covered with pond weed

                where flies dip and buzz

                dragonflies and damselflies dart

                     and hover:

                     red and blue liquid flashes

The sun stays warm on my back

A light breeze ripples the surface

                and rustles the taller rushes at the far end

But never a rise

                I think all the fish have been taken

There are the remains, a few feathers only,

                of a pheasant on the bank:

                an otter kill I think

The game keeper is on the island

                          and I point out the remains

A duck takes off noisily as I walk on

                past the musical trickle of water

                falling from a culvert



Everything is disturbed

                by a low military transport 'plane rumbling past


Again, silence settles on the surface


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jennifer Malden

Wed 5th Sep 2018 09:54

Lovely, one can almost feel that one is walking there. I was a country child (real country!) and used to notice these kind of things every day

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Taylor Crowshaw

Tue 4th Sep 2018 15:38

Chris this poem is beautifully worded..the imagery is superb. Thank you.?

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