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My mind sitting passively in a pensive mood state

feeling receptive, thoughts to relate.


Calling to a sphere outside of my vision

no fear in the least the slightest derision


When soon into focus comes ethereal plains

where the muse can transfuse some spiritual gains


Wondering if that wondrous thought of inference

is a figment of my mind or ...

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Kundalinimeditation on a themePo

You only see it when you slow down

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Inspired from a book called stop,look,breathe,create which we were studying at my bookclub, and it got me to do just that


Shadow of light

Like a portal 


At First

Out of sight


Suddenly Here

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Brother Leaf

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Nature's hands

On my hands

These leaves

Are leaving

An impression

On me

Feeling it's veins


About us

Is the


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We Humans are immortal if we choose to be

Drifting on the ether or the digitised streams

Of social media networks and video channels

Whilst our bodies turn to dust beneath the soil.


Our likeness Our actions   Our spirit        Our thoughts

Our friends    Our interactions       Our choices  Our life


Free spirits inhabiting the space we call Home


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