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Folly Roger

a cutter came a crawling
in from a sailing day
and this heavy bark a bawling
up the fine palatial bay

a laddy sees a lady
as she jumps down from the stay
she were hollering and a hooting
she were a sight to see

Her voice could tame a tomcat
and her back a tigger too,
for she cut a fine figure
which struck the boys to blue

Yet this lad would not digress her,
though the boys were ...

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Match Point

Standing your turf
wielding a giant pen.

Power serving words,
determined to win. 

Into the net,
out of bounds,

Will you be the 
pinnacle of calm
or pull a McEnroe? 

Steady your pace
or steamroll every 
opponent you face?

Time tames 
the temper
as many 

match point,

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