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I was out for an eye test when we met

We stood there, chastened, two old lags

It must have been quite thirty years

You couldn't see her eyes for bags


Straight off, I grasped her clammy hand

She blinked at me, looked even sadder

When out of guilt I blurted out:

"Did you ever see about your bladder?"


She'd had it since the twins came

It meant our love life did a ...

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York road

Red light wakes me in the morning hours 

your side is empty as I call out your name

Broken glass around me on the floor 

all my nights and all my days wasted away, his sweet escape 

fading further and further away from myself and the house on York road. 





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Alcholismlove lifetrouble


Like a gypsy I dwelled in search of you,
when found, you quenched my thirst with 
your soothing praises of a certain love forgotten.
Unshackled me from chains of misery
you guided me to your loving embrace
out of the labyrinth of my insecurity;
no touch was enough nor words were much,
rekindled a fierce passion within me
mirroring my beauteous self in your eyes
I have found my love oasis ...

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love life

The Bride of Necklace of Tales

By: Ali Taha Alnobani To the leaders of our world © 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani
Thus the sea was
A bride who has a necklace of tales
A world of love
Dancing in dales
And a glass of wine
Sparkling of delight
In her loosely might
Blue and white
She was yours
She was mine
Thus love was
Two warm hands under a...

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One million hearts speak as one; I listen to the solitary one who cries out in eloquent despair. That single wounded heart will claim me by her right and ensnare me and save me from me and I’ll never break it. She’ll bring me happiness after years of sorrow. Her name is?

Rockets are for the benefit of the human race taking us to the stars or for the worst, blowing us to bit...

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