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Saporem vitae


Relishing indelible memories 
from the chalice of an awed life;
swallowing a soupçon of adventure,
while savoring the lusciousness of death only.

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life path


Why complain for another costume, 
you willingly wore the darn thing, didn't you?
Now it's up to you to thread your own needle,
because during performance, none other performer 
will have time to stitch your torn pocket.

Ohw, I see, but if you won't stitch that pocket
of yours, you might lose valuable collections
during the play, in which you are the important
gypsy of course....

Now, now, do not...

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life path


Traveller: walk roads.

Wash eye's innocence in life's flow.

Erode face-gullies in time's flood.

Let years sculpt wisdom into an open soul.

Face journey's lessons willing.

Respond. Adapt. Change.

Face alternate current.

Learn.  Change again.

Be you. Inner you. Consistent.

Washed clean.


Time's sculpture, life's subject.

Your self.


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Siren Flight


Siren Flight

She moves with grace and poise like a black swan. Utterly majestic.

Against the blue sky, she flies. Each wing beat taking her closer to her true destiny.

Defying all that stands in her way. Knowing that her path is oh so true and divine.

I can only imagine what this beautiful young woman will achieve in her precious life.

Are we lucky to witness her fligh...

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