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We out of my Berlin Tokyo War Hearts book



We don't talk now but we once did. I was there when it all went wrong; a ghost, spirit or spectre? No just me. I saw you argue with your wife, knew you'd blame me and be vicious. A Jack Russell. Who's the postman?                                                                                                             


You threw stuff, broke a picture on the wall. Threa...

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Shook Up


Shook Up

Yesterday. Tracy told me about her birthday, of how she went on a date to a nice city pub with a cool guy. He was tattooed and wore a stylish baseball top. They got on, made small talk about their lives, ambitions and dreams. They planned to meet again next week.

Today. The guy who took Tracy out on her 31st birthday texted her and said he doesn’t want to see her again. H...

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Berlin read live in gullivers manchester july 5 2012

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We’re going to Tango in Berlin, in the bar where we met. You the nice lady called Becca who has your parents’ names tattooed on your hand. How quaint in 21st Century Berlin, Europe’s second best city, after London. I saw your ink and knew you wanted more.                                                                                                    

I got my tattoo gun ...

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