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We made a blood oath...

and yet the promise of it dissipated with the conversation I often expected.


As much as I’d love to over-describe, as some might expect me to, the weight of how I feel while concocting the narratives of Univerza, my writings mislead me.


I might say the campfire stories I told, which wrote themselves, are but a light in a pitch forest as I meander away ...

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The Move

 The Move

Xylene, Toluene, trichloroethylene,

The smell,

Prior paint peeled away and fell.

All off-white, only ever warmer; morning sunlight in the east windows

1887, a ship-builder discussed between three widows,

That line there, fixed up by The Man, too

Them floorboards wouldn’t look as good as The Man could do.

Where did he go? One asked inside of the plain room,


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The Lakes Have Eyes

The Lakes Have Eyes

Ferrari nails dug into Dogwood bark as August curled in,

And eyes mirrored the lake beyond the petals carried with a cooling wind.

Her favorite spot: atop a mica wall,

We used to go; we used to sit there and laugh; we thought we’d fall.


There was only one day, prior to autumn before the earth cooled

When the sky grew stressed and pelted us with rain, i...

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New Light Beam

New Light Beam

I wasn’t born this bright

And there was no way I could see

How growing up inside the dark could bring light out of me


I seen a new light beam

It cast onto to trees

And each drive there was a window of time

I saw the emerald sea


There was a humid haze between myself and the never-ending valley

With pollen speeding fast into my eyes from air-rushed...

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A True Friend

When my ambition hits its mark
Or when I am in black
No one shows me his back.

Many are at my disposal for sure
So long as, I have some to offer.

They bleed me dry
And away they fly.

When I am in the red
I have no one around.

A true friend
Without saying it goes
Remains close
Despite the test
The turn of events pose!

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friendship opportunist genuine

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