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Always looking for logic behind mystery 

Constant reason searching for events took place in history

Why does it matter let it be

Looking for answers set yourself free

Open your mind and close your door

There's a world of worlds yet to explore

You choose to ignore

Leave it behind now 

No answers to find now

It's time to unwind now 

Made mistakes just apologise 


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Successfullivingfreedom liberty independance

The Day Of Liberation


Once again the spring’s in the Victory Gardens,

Once again the 10th of April to Odessa’s come,

The memory of that day hardens

This wonderful feeling of freedom without alarm.


About 30 months the occupation of Odessa lasted

The streets and houses by fascists were blasted.

But the nation with sense of humor no one can kill,

The defense of the city was every...

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freedom liberty independance


No question of hesitation

you left the water,

and walked the planks

into town.

Changing language

with a flick of your tongue -

tasting the air,

as salted freedom

followed you on the breeze.

Knots untied themselves

as you passed.

Brown eyes

questioned your worth -

but within your presence

there existed no space

for limitations and


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freedom liberty independance

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