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How prolific your profundity,

To see what others cannot see,

To relate your divine acuity,

To take the time to talk to me,

To advise advice altruistically,

To lower yourself to charity,

To solicit unsolicited graciously,

To presumably pontificate pompuosly 

To offer two red cents for free.


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Secret to Success

Keep it short and keep is sweet.

Don't subvert the paradigms,

Just make 'em laugh or make 'em weep,

But don't spout preachy diatribes.


Make it simple and make it clean.

Give the people what they want,

Like on the silver movie screen,

Watch 'em praise and watch 'em fawn.


Now don't be modest and do be vain,

It's what they've come to expect,

From big shot artis...

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