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Crocodile Tears

Snatched innocence makes headline news

The community rallies in search of clues

The caretaker seems keen

Eager to impress

His girlfriend holds a card close to her chest

Hopes... concerns... it’s all a pretence

Only he speaks of innocence in the past tense


Before the press with family members

He looks to the left as he tries to remember

Her final sighting, how things...

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While we help the country of others,

We forgot our own sisters and Brothers.

Some turn to thugs,

While others turn to drugs.

On the corner is a woman,

With no other option or plan.

Working to feed her kids,

Sold to anyone who bids.

Everyday a young child travels with death,

15 year old overdose on meth,

17 year old shot dead,

8 year old abused in own bed.

This ...

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Again and Again


Again and Again

It's happened again.

What you ask?

Oh you don't wanna know, it aint good.

A slaughter of innocents who were INNOCENT.

What was their crime other than learning at school?

Doing what kids do being looked after by their teachers.




Some things are fucking WRONG.

You did that.

Fully aware of your ev...

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