Crocodile Tears

Snatched innocence makes headline news

The community rallies in search of clues

The caretaker seems keen

Eager to impress

His girlfriend holds a card close to her chest

Hopes... concerns... it’s all a pretence

Only he speaks of innocence in the past tense


Before the press with family members

He looks to the left as he tries to remember

Her final sighting, how things occurred

Detailed, he stumbles on each of his words

Unable to rest since she disappeared

He appears to choke on his crocodile tears

Calmly facing the camera

He makes a desperate plea

Somehow we know, his face

Would be the last that she sees


The agony, the trauma, he did all that he could...

His hands are charred, but covered in blood

Claimed the flames wouldn’t let him get near

Begins to quiver with crocodile tears

Six of his own, slain in their own beds

Cries on command for the sake of the press

To any man, any parent, a realisation of hell

Yet this manipulative monster struck the match himself


Tracie shakes with emotion as she pours out her lies

Talks of a fat man with staring eyes

42 strikes in an act of rage

Her crocodile tears make the front page

Two days later she swallows her pills

Succumbing to the pain triggered by guilt

Maintains self defence after all these years

42 wounds cauterized with crocodile tears


An Eastern girl leads a Western life

Drank a bottle of bleach rather than become his wife

Her parents are wild, they have lost face

Beat her and choked her, no saving grace

Buried her body deep in the woods           

Maintain to the press they did all they could

To love her and guide her, to live with poise

To warn her of the dangers of drinking and boys

They begged her stay from her westernised peers

And became overwhelmed with crocodile tears

cold blooded murderlies

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