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Spring Will Be Delayed

entry picture

our streets

are empty now:

spring sun tempts us - "lower

your guard, fall into this loving


                             a cinquain

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Ice Cream

Ice cream,

velvety smooth,

melting over taste buds,

evoking seaside memories;


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cinquain form

Honest Writing

The worst

Thing is when I

Am writing poetry and spill

My wine

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Trump Era Cinquain

We all

Want to be loved

Is it so hard to give

Love during these contentious times

It is

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Five Bats

At dusk,

Screaming louder

than you can hear; dancers,

Jauntily in the air, catching



You will

see-not-see us

flying, sounding out our prey.

Food for furry tummy eats, treats.



Back at

our habitats,

We hang out together,

Chatting though tired; upside down



Look out

for us with care,

We will be there flying.


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Batscinquain form

Cinquain: Slumbers

I sleep

fantasies loom

subconsciousness cuts in

restorative night time pleasure

to dream

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cinquain form

Fracking (Cinquain #1)

entry picture

Fracking (Cinquain #1)

from injection
opens gaping fissure.
The whole process needs inspection.

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