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black clouds a'comin

black cloud a’comin


when I was a boy

I saw a cloud coming

towards our house

racing across the fields

black as my mama’s bible


would it become a twister

or simply bring rain and wind


I called mama and daddy

we rushed to the storm cellar

daddy brought his flashlight

mama brought her black bible


the storm did not become a

twister only rain an...

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biblecellarfearstorm clouds

Mistletoe In The Cellar

conceived in a cellar, of

a Tommy home on leave,

mother waving mistletoe,

shortly she would grieve


official dad inert upstairs

exempt due to his arches,

Tommy back to trenches

bullets or forced marches


killed in action in the mud

in my blood's a war hero,

official dad a profiteer,

moral fibre less than zero


the duality in mistletoe,

fertile of ...

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