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I really don't want to be cruel to you although  you're being cruel
You shower me with gifts ..gentleman
Then ignore me.. playground..School
I mean we're all different in our minds but if our hearts on the same page
distroy the demons not our hearts
Crystals..burn some sage
Tomorrow isn't promised for you or not for me
Isolated suppressed no thanks.. my soul will just break free
So rather ...

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Its hard to be happy

Hard to be me

Finding out who I am is impossible to the pressure of smarts and immortality

"we live forever" a lie told by us TO US

The bullshit we pull just to feel less depressed and lost within

How do you feel?

Being told your gonna die?

Does it hurt?

We are young

Not yet strong in…




Or Money

We are ...

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consoled within the remote comfort of those

doubtful girls and these older ones who,

having shed their curls, are happy to bare their whole

never mind their soul, I’m damn sure

this would be as close to a felony fuck

as you could ever know

and given my luck the house would

fall around my ears at the very first touch of that baiting floss

screw the metaphysical


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