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Billy No Mates

I've told you before stay clear of that

Boy if you ask me there's

Something wrong there

Turning up to school on his own not a soul

Knows a thing about him he's a

Right mystery

(Stand still when I'm

Talking to you) he may be good at

Maths and yes' he's

Tiny but he's always fighting he's

Beaten kids much

Bigger he made mincemeat of Jimmy

Cummings its autism if you...

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The Ballad Of Billy Nomates

The Ballad Of Billy Nomates


You were bigger than a bus,

with a face as red as Martian dust

and a neck that started somewhere in your crown.

I was small and insecure,

as I approached the guarded door,

knowing that you were about to put me down.


You were giving me that look

that said you couldn’t give a fuck

for my need to get beyond the ticket box.


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