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May 2021 Collage Poem: Truth Not Fiction

Aches like an August sky with a lipstick smile
Tangled at sunset in crimson skies
Despicable creatures run and hide in shadows

Drowned rats find worry in their shadows
Running across drenched summits
Footsteps lined up in haiku beats

The crystal glass of the past life
A wedding present in the charity shop
I see the other me, before she turns the corner.

It wasn't me!

Sacred threa...

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Collage PoemMayStockport WOLTruth not Fiction

September 2020 Collage Poem: The Silence Still Talking 

Herring-packed collisions gravitate together

In her own Wonderland she avoids the looking glass,

Red rain washes the stain away

Tonight we re-zoomed our relationship

Renewed our unspoken vows

The gods of Zoom count their coins in the jungle

Pollocks ! she cried, I'm at the wrong disco!


Marching onwards in this town of mine

The anger of the forgotten people

And those...

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September collage poemStockport WoL

September 2020 Collage Poem: Out of the Land

You need to play blue guitar at this interview Miss.

while sitting back to the sea

Put on your red shoes and dance to Nigel’s blue guitar

strangers humming the songs of tomorrow's vocals

Shadows of sinners dancing across the years

as Nigel's guitar gently weeps


the boom and the base of neighbours shouting from next door to turn the noise down

You won't believe what just h...

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collage poemout of the landSeptemberStockport WOL

August 2020 Collage Poem: Out of the Earth

Spinning out of control history going mad

Gunpoetry Plotters spinning music by the River of Time

drunker and drunker with each nearer step he took on the road to Manchester

A susurration of stanzas and verses skim across the rooftops of Stockport.


relentless ripples of summer clouds

Grim it up, brother

Grim it up, sister,

graduate from sad.


a driver pausing in the...

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August 2020collage PoemOut of the EarthStockport WOL

July 2020 Collage Poem: No Wasted Anger

A heart that sleeps has a silent love that is never heard
and Vincent paint their house yellow
The below is smaller, the walk is stronger.

The journey to social disorder is closer than you realise
without any drugs.

There's more, you thief of night
with butter dripping from my brush
something stolen from the edge of midnight
unsocial distancing while on free government...

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Collage PoemJuly 2020No Wasted AngerStockport WOL

June Collage Poem: The Other Side of Nigel

Wake up to the glory of a legendary Nigel we do not know
Nigel was gone when we rioted that night time 
Nigel was gone when we ran out of chicken pie
It was the day they told us to learn again in insanity 
Nigel was first of course
Taking to unplug with Nigel
We are taunted or haunted by memories of the future
The inkwell was full of pulsating excitement 
hitting the right notes in music a...

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2020collage poemJuneother side of NigelStockport WOL

May 2020 Collage Poem: Somewhere Out There

He's gone



I’m dreaming I’m Bohemian

Last time we met, gyroscopic diner punches back, back, back

punching mp3s isn't the same as punching records

This lockdown is never ending - send me more Vodka

The wrong place, at the wrong time, Icarus falls into the English Channel,

to be washed up on the white cliffs, and the Queen is left immortal,

as the freedom monarch


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Collage PoemMaySomewhere Out ThereStockport WOL

April 2020 Lockdown Collage Poem

Watching the walls begin to change in pieces
It burns my soul to write positive poetry
Let it all hang loose
To be or not to be the scarf asks why are you not wearing me?

An invisible army on the road to Damascus
The exhibition bats bored of paintings and poems
Decide to watch Netflix upside down

Rats take over postal sperm banks
If tears could come they would
The Stockport Nihilist Sch...

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April 2020 Collage PoemStockport WoL

March Lockdown Collage Poem

Dreading the task of a thousand spots
Lost worlds now more than just regrets or soiled paths not taken
Walking through life with coke, crack, and endless possibilities.

In the amber of panic a book of hauntology is born
The biggest April fools prank ever

Miniature portraits of a poetic diaspora under curfew still deliver haunting lines

Gaining a better view at the edge of the world

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Collage PoemLockdownMarchStockport Wol

March 2020 Collage Poem: There’s a Rumour Going Round that Street

Righteous and correct, the clown wilts

Rumour has it I saw someone in costume

From a magazine advertising hard goods.


It’s left my heads in bolts and screwed up.


Unlock my imagination.


No you can’t have a pancake: it’s Saturday!


Run your fingers through the rubble

At the altar of vengeance


Rumour has it, God is forgotten and pancakes need Nutella.


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Collage PoemmarchrumourStockport WOL

January 2020 Collage Poem: Famous People I've Never Met

In the new dawn of dreams

Adolf sits on his final throne of dirt dug deep,

Wondering if the English Bard would have loved him so,


Don’t go down that street!


We are wild-walking beings with a side of dark heart.

Sheep have beautiful contours and very furry


Hurry up Steinbeck, you’re rambling

Sitting on tailored lawns through polished glass

Not as cool in old b...

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Collage PoemFamous People I've never MetJanuaryStockport WoL

September 2019 Collage Poem: Out of Line


Don’t pick up hitch-hikers

Whether at high noon

Or covered in red petals and blood

Dreaming of American skies


Trusted positions to make you relax

Be careful not to mention the Karma Sutra

Or a mobile phone will ring

Or a bluebird sing


Basildon bonds & lined paper

Snowflakes fall between the lines, melting


Oh Walter, dear husband of mine

Stiff as...

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collage poemout of lineseptemberStockport WOL

April 2019 Collage Poem: Cleaning the House


Man Ray’s aggravated coffee sneaked

A glance at the new frontier

Thumbs up, India’s best lemonade,

Top of the pops!


An organised death takes Aunt beyond black

Rehydrate the astronaut. The sun approaches.

Whilst cleaning, it’s important to scrub

Behind the fridge.

Catacombs holding rooms in mind of carefully

Packed past chapters.


A bank, some bleach, a b...

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cleaning the housecollage poemStockport WOL

Ekphrastic Visions - February 2019 Collage Poem

Helix barriers all over the world

Riddles flow through digital death traps

What is a man now with no cheap cigars

A mad dead love of afterthoughts gone


Mad Tony's hologram cycles around the

Lanes of South Wales as Alexa 

Shouts "Give us 20 pence!"


Ooh! I can see Winnie the Pooh

In The wardrobe!


The candle, the book, and the wardrobe;

Wet washing and dag...

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Collage PoemEkphrasisFebruaryStockport WOL

Xmas Collage Poem - Bonkersly Good


Fire burning over memories of Christmas

Santa is riding high into the silk sky

But he cannot come here with Brexit a tie


Donna chewed on Santa’s long toenails

As he snoozed on Blitzen’s fat belly


Where streaks of Pollock green ache

Like August clouds


In love with feathers and glass

As the fires take it all away


Widened eyes of the dirtiest faces


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Christmascollage poemstockport wol

November 2018 Collage Poem: Cheshire Housewives


Cheshire housewife buys her Hereafter Insurance,

Works hard for nativity with port and gin

Our truth is, success means excess.


Then lies were common in family life

Waiting, hiding, broken, when when true

As your eyes sparkle through Mona Lisa smiles

And lies of untruth spoken words


Housewife with her gin

And tonic gives Santa a good



Heavy Mon...

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Cheshire HousewivesCollageCollage PoemNovemberStockport WoL

Cultivate Life - October 2018 Collage Poem

My lightened, chastened offspring

Return to me, unknowing


Pincher Martin feeds devious plots

Tick Tock


Am I living? Am I breathing?

Life created by a whimper


Hyenas rejected at a tender age

Babies burst from beautiful bodies


But human nature drives towards annihilation

Leeching veins cling for life through the zealous

Suffocation of being fed with ...

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Collage PoemhyenasStockport WOL

September 2018 Collage Poem: The Earth is Burning


Strange seasons clip and slash new life

The hot sand blows into my soldier’s rations

The robot newsreader sounds like comical Ali


Bacon butties served under sniper fire

World’s end to wellies, flip-flop relief for Achilles


Do I deserve to be loved?

Drowning in an eternal sea of despondency

I rise up and say no


The season changes the earth burns

Naked ...

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Collage Poemearth is burningSeptemberStockport WOL

April Collage Poem: Threads


Thread-bear walks away, brave and curious

Travelling down a road

Knowing nothing about time and space


Happiness of the hangman, as

the Death Row fly is executed.


Silken threads, falling heart strings


There is death in crowns and crones, in the tender air

We are always cutting threads - or weaving them.


I slipped on folded paper that has more than pa...

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April 2018bearscollageStockport WOLThreads

December Collage Poem: Waves

Swansea waves words at passing poets


The twenty-fifth day is long and in others souls,

A week later we enter the next chapter with

New raging goals.


Kissing capitalism's ass and not mine

Highway traffic moves in waves,

Or should that be it crawls like a crab


Marrying a woman from East Texas

She cooked Christmas pudding for dinner each night

In peanut and r...

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Collage PoemDecemberStockport Art GalleryStockport WoLWoL

August 2017 Collage Poem – Obscene

Dave left to stab an unwary autistic


The loneliness of sand.


The man with the photo left

Leaving small details which invoke a hidden world.




Freeing slaves from hidden bondage

Pandora had a lot to answer for


Sand in my toes

Sand in my boots sinking in rotten socks

Memories of Mumbai with my daughter,

Waiting for the monsoon



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collageStockport WOL

Martin Thinks I'm Catholic

Martin Thinks I’m Catholic
With thanks to Andy N, for suggesting it


My father adored me.  He cuddled me in his arms 
after my birth and said, Doesn’t she look intelligent, love?

My mother believed I wasted that intelligence raising babies. 
I was relieved disappointment had no place in her grateful sigh,
as I arrived at the hospital in time to watch her die.

My brothers consider me...

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AutobiographyPoemStockport WOL

June Collage Poem: Evil

Baggy trouser party I will vote for you!

Faded flowers, flowing emotions


Jumping over invisible cats

A stucco heron stalks a halting river

Three bags full, why three, why he, evil be


Evil wears many faces

Ginger Dorris offered peanuts

I bruise easily. My shelter is flimsy

And fragmented. It tastes of shallowed wounds


Sometimes it's a blessing

When a tra...

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EvilStockport Collage PoemStockport WOL

May 2017 Collage poem


Gunpowder walk around, a spark was sobbing

Underneath secrets hopping alongside humans

Inbetween trees weeping in regret


Wet willy, slippering down the slope. Pointing at

Your directionless forehead. Hop aboard the bumpy ride.

Wear a helmet. Your tongue is like a whip... but why!


Tip of the tonge. Sharp or soft

A host of feminist vegans

Lie in a pool of his o...

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2017Collage poemMayStockport WOL

January 2017 Collage Poem - Hungover

Homeless salvation in the snow

Begging barristers of poisonous kingship


My mug of prison tea

Is the hangover drink for me


The morning after a too merry night of play

No regrets until she calls me the following day,

A sparkling jet of water streams

Into the glass


Poetry; art with words

Truthful tunes played by a Pied Piper


Happy drinks, happy times


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collage poemhungoverStockport WOL

December Collage Poem: Disappointment - Part 2

Crossing over reflections

Mirroring his own life


Life is disappointing; but love is always

beautiful, even across dreary railway tracks

kniving through his childhood


Hair kissed under Homeric stars

Whatever the weather.


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Collage PoemdecemberStockport WOL

December Collage Poem: Disappointment - Part 1

The difference is disappointment

drowning in a child's mouth


Ladies for tea please leave

that tasty last cake for me!


Brought back to life,

but find nothing but silent blackness


A smile, a nod, generosity and warmth

I haven't been disappointed


The Beatles all white album

on a railway platform

summer is in their eyes

too full of chocolate and ins...

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collage poem decemberStockport WOL

October Collage Poem: Déjà vu


Skip to the blue book, where Kerouac

Sounds better than Spanish


Pouring madness into teacups

Weeping daily for the return of summer

Relinquish, forgive, summer


Washed up love on a bed of lies


Impelled by the weird sisters

Into someone else’s destiny

I have got a mental block

Can’t think of the rhyme

So you’ll have to wait til next time


A mi...

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Collage Poemdeja vuStockport WOL

September 2016 Collage Poem: A Better Place


Andrex from front to back

Thank you, thank you Andrex!


Disordered by lines of deja vu

Press the button and get turned on!


A bitch of eternity, especially

If you are a 'Good Wife'


I like fish and chips washed

Down with some beer

Autumn dreams, sparkling clear


Kissing echoes, blowing words

From a distance, past lives, long exposed,

Zoom into ...

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Better placeCollage PoemStockport WOL

June WoL Collage Poem: Anger and Peace


You gaze into the viewfinder

Joining cults

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries


Love escaped through

A hole then took it over

A bridge upon the moon


Rupture, we all, sod it!


The pen swoops and captures.

Laughing anteaters following screaming demons


Bee working to death


Procession of American angels

File across a bridge to the moon


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Stockport WOL

May 2016 Collage Poem


Internal dreams follow you around

with a golden enchantment


No one knows the girl who is all alone

In a pub where no one goes


Witchcraft, murder, death and anger


An accidental queue jumper, that's me!

No one expected doughnut eyes


The eager needle drinks its fill

Leaving pools of shadow across antique eyes

The worst death is self-inflicted


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Collage PoemStockport WOL

Hats off to the 60s: December 2015 Collage Poem

Risky potential in another file

Back row snog leads to a smoke


Down on the couch with my

Ticket to ride

Carrying yesterday second hand

Across finer memories across leafy roads


And cherish the richest poor child,

Wellies, winkle-pickers, sinking mud.


And Mary pondered these

Things in her heart –

Women are smiles. Love wears wellies.

Telephones are sex...

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60sCOllage PoemSixtiesStockport WoL

Hats off to the 60s


Risky potential in another file

Back row snog leads to a smoke


Down on the couch with my

Ticket to ride

Carrying yesterday second hand

Across finer memories across leafy roads


And cherish the richest poor child,

Wellies, winkle-pickers, sinking mud.


And Mary pondered these

Things in her heart –

Women are smiles. Love wears wellies.

Telephones ar...

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60sCOllage PoemSixtiesStockport WoL

November Collage Poem: Smoke


Neutral mind draped across grimy windows,

Got to be cocks and screwdrivers

Ducking and diving across unexpected surprises


Policies of strange girls from Blackpool

and Brief Encounters recycled in Staleybridge


Lumps of snot tubes or mask

Red sore skin rubbed to rust


We meet in hospital corridors,

Platforms of abandoned train stations


It was 50 yea...

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collage poemsmokeStockport WoL

August Collage Poem: Making Poetic Hay


A caged bird in Wetherspoon's

Flashing jazz through messy mental maps

On skull-grey stepped buildings

Where books and more books glimpse

of measured escape


Over corridors blocking ways out

edited down stopping feelings

of revenge pleading eases

enchanted in a warped love


Messy murder, mental madness

Who is free and who is caged?


Too many hang-up...

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Collage PoemStockport WOL

Heart of Stockport I


M60 atop Manchester's posterior cusp

Hurtling force divides and creates, binds and destroys,

Cut me slowly, cut me quick, careful now

Not too deep


Just like Concorde passing over

the viaduct with its engine vibrating

on the tracks

I'm lost. Blocked. What is hidden in the river?


The naked road is rusting away

I follow the arterial route to your heart


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heartriverStockport Collage PoemStockport WOL

Easter WoL Collage Poem


A riotous toast to Queen Victoria

the lighter the better, under the table

black dagger stabs my heart


Oh! To be in Anglesea;

so beautiful - 

death, rape, law, sacrifice. The more things change...


And still the penny rolls like a sunset

cascading what it simply used to mean.

We worry not, for our lady still holds

the sky whilst she sings.


The anxiou...

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Easter Collage PoemStockport WOLWoL

Writing Prompt for Monday

Take Wilfred Owen's poem, Conscious.  Find it here:  Write it out, leaving a blank space under each line. Interpret each line as you understand it, using your own words. Take what you have written and re-write it without looking at the original poem. Check that you have not used any of Owen's words or phrasing: you should have an entirely diffe...

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PromptStockport WOLWilfred Owen

October Collage Poem: Sacrifice

People die for what they say - a sacrifice

I would say.


Promises unfulfilled in darkrooms


my pen massages,

carefully and lovingly

the waiting page.


She is everywoman: sacrifice, laughter, death.


U kip I kip we all kip


running saved her life

she is all giving


the painting of the dog, howling


she is all-giving, all-taking, all-lov...

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collage poemoctobersacrificestockport WoL

September Collage Poem: Merseyways


Wonderful woman lost in her mirror,

worn subject of a Swiss dream

cobbled on the back

of the toilet door.


Tiny lights

observe their image

fragile; a subtle glance.


The river wild, the river loved, the river mild.

History, life, rivalry

my eyes were filled with tears

from the sight


to play by Petrarch's rules the Bard foreswore


swept away...

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collage poemStockport WOL

August Collage Poem: First Jobs


Strangled thoughts inside and out,

Lost chances rust in lonely sidings.


Tailor driven across hope

buried deep under steelworks

strangled in lies


hope made of granite

and reinforced steel.


The tosser on the dance floor

Throw him into an IT grave.

Once you get used to something, your

imagination loses its mind, use your

imagination and look at som...

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collage poemPurple pooStockport WOL

Options - February Collage poem


Bardic warriors in the worn tartan

of Christie Cleek declaim

their savage lines:

It's never too late to be early

and catch the wind


Taxed to death


the mirror whispers a thousand words

we seldom notice


Stuffy, smoky stifling atmosphere

of shouting people:

What do they put in our beer?

Stop killing our world -

and don't be late!



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Collage PoemStockport WOL

January Collage Poem: Beginnings and Exits


Mothers of sons dream troubled dreams

of blowing leaves and anniversaries.

Give me an energetic brush every time


it smells like winter, trees sigh softly

and nature floats my boat. Red and gold

leaves scurry along in the force


the pungence of words strong enough

to sting the nostrils, sweet enough

to bless the ears


glamour in fleece and recognition


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Collage PoemJanuary Collage poemStockport WOL

September Collage Poem - The Sun


Gold Mastercard buys timeless words;

Sun sets on gyneocratic fruitlessness.


I listen to the bird to find the sun.

I listen to the sound behind closed doors,

scratching the soles of your shoe.


Let him have it for justice;

I sensed a fox in my hollow lounge.

Nothing so warm on a cold day,

as a smile.


The sun oppresses, like governments;


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Stockport WOL

February Space (February 2013 Collage Poem)


Sudden light falls shining

through tentative air;

I've got Plath married to Larkin -

where did that come from?


Let the Queen

take us from reality,

dreaming of coupling

and cosy nests.


Death and the maiden: sure as taxes

and angry mothers-in-law;

secret sadness

masked by convention.


Your heart-beat

beats with mine;


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Collage PoemFebruary 2013Stockport WOL

Victory at Christmas - (December 2012 Collage Poem)


Shimmering words slide across sea-shells;

Franglais babies reach out to the world -

Poetry translates from pole to pole,

Beautiful in any language.


Nigel’s naked naughtiness

And still we ask “Why?”

Down the generations, -

Fatherless shaped spaces.


Today has been a really good day

Crushed into a cattle-truck;


While ghosts await visi...

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Collage PoemStockport WoL

Stockport WoL August Collage Poem

Out of the frame comes hollow art,

Fly as high as life will let you


One hug means all the world to me


Things aren't always what they seem,

Clothing as well as beauty can be skin deep.


Things tatter in dreams

Like soaked pieces of paper


A brave sun struggles to penetrate the clouds


Red stilettos on the pier

A deck chair with no pr...

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Collage poemStockport WOL

Giving (Stockport WoL Collage Poem)


Pulse to pulse, drowning in feathers

Swept by tides of love all moonful midnight,

In the sea and sand having

A pint and potatoes with no salt,


Love is sweet whilst it travels

Close to each other and nature

Together we share time

And time in turn shares us


The pain of recognition bites

Like the rail tracks turning, turning…


Streaks ...

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Stockport WOL

November II - Collage Poem Created by Stockport WoL

Bonfire fire implodes at the expense
Of a failed assassination attempt
Blowing piles of ashes
Signalling contempt
Green woodpeckers find green man in French tree
Green skies lying across blue hills
Luscious, swaying, sighing trees
Movement trickles, follows downward –
Movements of sound, eddying round and round
The plumed bride waves h...

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NovemberStockport WOL

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