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April 2019 Collage Poem: Cleaning the House

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Man Ray’s aggravated coffee sneaked

A glance at the new frontier

Thumbs up, India’s best lemonade,

Top of the pops!


An organised death takes Aunt beyond black

Rehydrate the astronaut. The sun approaches.

Whilst cleaning, it’s important to scrub

Behind the fridge.

Catacombs holding rooms in mind of carefully

Packed past chapters.


A bank, some bleach, a body and a

Torn spacesuit on the Northern Line.

A new clean day of thoughts dense with love

People, parties, still raging into the last dawn

But this is not the rehearsal


Purple tureens and vicars

Remind me of someone I know


Learning to keep your trap shut

Blowing a circuit wondering how naughty

Nigel’s poem would be

But what do the dead bodies go in?


In the madness of summer 

High on human contact

From Golden Gate to Formby Beach

Banker Aunty settles her accounts,

Ticks off her own funeral-to-do-list


Golden Gate was built from a speckle

Of dust. Rich… yet clouded throth!



cleaning the housecollage poemStockport WOL

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Nigel Astell

Tue 9th Apr 2019 14:49

Never mind cleaning the house!
we had a full one
packed to the brim
more seats to be found
meaning that this collage poem
had much more to offer
as can be seen in
our very own true Stockport style.

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