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Half A Rainbow

Wide eyes for the rainbow in the sky

Colorful and dreamy

Something, some don’t get to see on their side of town

The rainbow brings beautiful schools nice people an good food

The little girl has a friend, on the other side of the rainbow

His school functions with no warmth and some careless people

Leaves him suppressed with a mental illness 

As light parades throughout her life...

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An Everlasting Ache

I had broken the invisible the bridge
That linked you to my soul,
Since the day you pushed me to the ridge
And told me “we wouldn’t last”.
It had been months since I thought of
“You and I” as one.
I was happy, I felt new!
Then I had a dream,
And it pulled me back to you.

You left without saying,
To a land of solitude,
From where uncertain was your return,
You left as you couldn’t bar...

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Baby's Cry.

There was once a time,

That I dreamed for what felt like eternity -

It was all too real, 

And it left a long lasting curse upon me.


In my dream,

You appeared -

Harbouring a cold heart, but never a word.

A thought had crossed my mind -

"You and I only exist in a reality of non-existance."

So, take my hand and follow me -

Down an empty path where nobody can come be...

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Seperationborndream state

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