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The Sun coming through a murky window

The sun coming through a murky window
might not seem like perfection to you …
it may be run of the mill

but to me it spells
no more returning to the cruelty of work
which soaked my skin with anxiety
no more dripping at the bus stop
and waiting …
to be sentenced to death
for not completing this or that form

The sun coming through a murky window
Is a blessing I never saw before
My ey...

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Let Me Out, Let Me In

We have trapped the world in windows,

Picture frames, mirrors vexed with vanity.


The wind blows slack.


Slates roll off rooves in protest.

Branches crack the panes,

Let me out, let me in.


The sun pierces film;

Shifts the night;

Joins forces with the plight

Of street lamps.


Bouncers rays the lasers from their shards,

Beat the rain like caged anima...

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