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Mary came from the south part of town
She had a secret about many of the guys around
Never had a true friend every one tries to tear her down
Walking downtown is all she knows
Given paper love, she has the control
What she wanted was love that was good for the soul

Mary Soul
You have a friend
He doesn't care where you walk or stroll
He loves you for your soul

Mary had dreams
But did...

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Poetry 2016PrinceMary MagdaleneWomen

The Transformation


I remain free

my own lost saviour

a follower of no-one

sorcering a new novena.




I still storms

in steadfast spirit

a respectable sinner

proclaiming the illicit.




I demure uncertain

face reveals and veils

heart throes stone to flesh

keeping close my seven devils.




I am graced

with all v...

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KatypoetessShadows of Magdalenemary magdalene


I remain free

my own lost saviour

a follower of no-one

sorcering a new novena.


©  Katypoetess 2016


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Katypoetessmary magdaleneShadows of Magdalene


Acquire my peace within yourselves


She is nobody’s disciple,

a dither of image and noise,

amongst everybody’s daily causality.


No crowds will gather,

as she looks into the eyes,

that lie tied, and tired in front of her.


She is every colour

of skin, every age, every weather,

every obedience and whim, with no morality.


Dwelling in a magdala

of imm...

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mary magdaleneKatypoetess

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