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Like tears

Rain hits my umbrella

Bouncing bursting

Droplets scattering

Spreading my pain

Shimmering images

Relections of you


Love like rain

Showers me

With tears.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2009

Written to the artwork of Jessica McCallum for her exhibition 'Raincheck' at His Majesty's Theatre, 2009.

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Like Mr Bo...

my heart jangles 

when your smile

misses your eyes.

The face of a clown

soft shoe shuffling

through my soul.

White hands clasped.

The generous frill

framing your mask,

flutters like a wing

across the circus tent

of my broken heart.

Funny shoes walk strong,

confidently skirting around

landmines of feeling

clothed in ...

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My mouth is a gun with a silencer, stopped

mid-sentence from telling you how I feel –

actions speak louder especially when they hurt! 

You see, you say but I can’t speak.  You speak,

I hear but no words are offered because I can’t reply.

I see, I hear so please, throw your words my way

so I can at least aim in silence.


Frances Macaulay Forde © 2009


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Bohemia (2)

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It’s not about pain

although each graphic tale

was born of needles...


It’s not about regrets

although in retrospect,

there is always blame...


It’s not even about relationships

although painted stories

pay homage to my past.


It’s actually about celebration:

love - my constant companion

nature - inspiring motivation.



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