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Miracle Garden

Free man heroic family title

A story written light years before he was conceived

A man of his word He stands by his wife

And through pain came the light this man received

He grieved

He grieved for his boy

His beautiful Son named worthy of praise

His troubled son so handsome

Once a child so pure

He suffers no more

Besides him God like lady Joan

Together they mourn


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Wild flowersFrancisplaywritingheromiraclesGrief death bereavement consolation friendship

New Light Beam

New Light Beam

I wasn’t born this bright

And there was no way I could see

How growing up inside the dark could bring light out of me


I seen a new light beam

It cast onto to trees

And each drive there was a window of time

I saw the emerald sea


There was a humid haze between myself and the never-ending valley

With pollen speeding fast into my eyes from air-rushed...

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Grief death bereavement consolation friendshipfire flesh love passion obsessionfriendship opportunist genuineA kind of weird dream type thing of a poemlove poetry

Gemstone Necklace

Gemstone Necklace

I dare to wander far inside this trove of a head

Without chains around my ankles bounding me to my bed

Though, it sure feels like it

I feel a weight inside my lungs and my chest doesn’t like it


In the expansion and decompression

The plasm I bleed

And the skin closes up, it’s all alike

It seems.


In solitude, a bed of thin clouds dissolves benea...

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fire flesh love passion obsessionPoets & Performance Poetryeyes paranoid paranoia alienpoet poetry poem hookslove and time passingGrief death bereavement consolation friendship


It’s a bright day, brilliant colors all struck from sunrays

And the night which followed was quiet,

Cicadas ain’t out yet, I’m still figuring out how I hear the same sounds

Miles away and still hearing ringing and shouts.


I could never make sense how the skyline is loud

How the blue feels like it’s fighting the sun in a bout,

I watch it from a window while academic papers ar...

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My Son Loss Pain Emptiness memorieschildhood lossdeath of a older brotherGrief death bereavement consolation friendshipfamily poem100 best poetry blogs

To Rach

You enter the hospital

COVID precautions, mask on.

You see your Mum,

breathing on her own again,

like she had done for years

even before you were born.

And you know it’s time,

nothing can be done now.

You say your goodbyes

Walk out of the door

to a life that you no longer recognise;

One where you feel alone

without your anchor,

your home

There will be mome...

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Grief death bereavement consolation friendship

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