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Cyclone Love

Cyclone Love


Welcome or not,

uninvited you came

to have your way.


Clearing a path

for your arrival,

making sure all

knew you intended

to make an impression 

- one not easily forgotten.


Lucinda doesn’t

want to meet Yasi.


She knows he will

strip her naked

knock her down flat 

suck all her power

then drown her in his wake.



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The English Oak

The English Oak


     Fifty gallons a day he needs,

Fifty gallons of life’s richest blessing,

Without it,

     He dies -

Withers and falls,


     He no longer grows

Within the sanctuary

Of England’s finest pastures,

For he be a memory

Of countryside and churches,

Villages and steeples,

And it’s peoples

Who claim his plot,

Peoples with axes,


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When A River Floods from Bottomless Sky (a novel by J. Otis Powell‽)

Half In Shadow

Adamas had spent his career managing chaos. He traveled from the red clay South to the milkweed Midwest because Aquanetta invited him and his life in Birmingham Alabama was killing him. He was bored with public television and Birmingham, uninterested in grandchildren, tired of X-wives, X-girlfriends and advice from doctors who wanted to manage his entire existence. A change will ...

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