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The Title: Designation Intitled.

The Title:

Designation Intitled. 


Often with so many new poems to read each day, it is perhaps the title that is the most crucial part of our poetry.

It is akin to the shop window that entices us in.

It is like the photograph on the take-away wall that decides what we will choose to eat.

The glossy advert in a magazine, and indeed the image that will make us laugh out loud, c...

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Cross Cultural Poetry

Africa United

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Black stars in the dark that shone so bright,

Pan continental sparks were reignited,

In a flood-lit calabash, man what a sight!

Eleven Ghanaians became Africa United.


For the global Diaspora of Africans whose numbers stretched to billions,

A short but welcome distraction from conflict and debt,

From the highest to the lowest, military to civilians,

The to...

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2010Cross Cultural PoetrySouth AfricaSportWorld Cup

A couple of SA influenced pieces, first is a draft

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The Pervasive Poison of Apartheid (working title)


In the Rainbow Nation one colonial legacy,

Which we see persisting today unfortunately

Is an attitude from a more northerly latitude of 'I'm alright Jack!'

If neighbours from Mozambique or Zim

Should decide on migration in to find what they are seekin’,

Locals will say “they’re arrivin’ here ridin’, on a croco...

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ApartheidCross Cultural PoetrypoliticalSouth Africa

Oh ! Ma ville natale

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Oh ! Ma ville natale


Au pied  d’une montagne

Où se couche le soleil d’Afrique noire,

Ville s’étendant sur la plaine

Recevant le vent du Lac Mwelu,

Vaste étendue d’eau du Sud

D’où la Luvua prend ses eaux,

Traverse le vaste territoire

 Et se jette dans le fleuve Congo.


Paysage de contraste beauté fleurie,

S’étendant et ne faisant qu’un avec la Z...

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Cross Cultural Poetry

Eye of the Beholder

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This is a poem by Siraj Patel Paguthanvi translated into English by Aziz Zumla




Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

O My Sweet let us meet

and whisper sweet nothings,

set alight a myriad of stars

and see what magic springs


The blazing Sun and all its rays

with your gaze you set ablaze.

Lower your gaze and the rays

are nothing but ...

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