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Too much to fix

I still loved you but I walked away.
I know you still love me, but I'm not comming back.
You still try to reach me, I know you do.
Every text you send I read, never ending your silent plead.

I know you're hurting I'm too,
but I know I can't be with you.
You were my everything I hope you know.
now I can't give you roses of red colour.

I was hurting, my heart was bleeding,
I didn't let ...

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Being brokenbreak uplost loveunrequited love


Panicked pity, your heart is benign,

Groaning guilt, your fate's been denied,

Slipping slowing, your lost in burns,

Blinded blinking, your dream's been purged.


Winding winds, you're raining in sunlight,

Summer sighing, shifting to another paradigm,

Silence staring, causium into waters blanket,

Comtemplating clicks, clocking the next second.



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Being brokensuicide

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