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Now Julie says man

entry picture

Now Julie says man

If you can't make it all right with someone

You can make it feel all right

And even if their heart breaks

You can get another one

Now Julie's walking a fine fine line

She walks around tries to make everything right

She walks around plays their life

While everything else runs down the drain

Now Julie knows how to make the boys cry

Oh and sometimes sh...

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Waiting In Brooklyn

entry picture

Balancing my brains with bourbon in some back-ally Brooklyn bar
nighthawks that had lost hope looking for the diner, perched in a meticulous row like tin ducks on a crooked shooting gallery on Coney Island

The fella to my right was coyly flirting with a glass of miller draft, his hands embraced around but not to tight, so that it didn’t slip through his fingersas the love of a good woman once ...

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erotic agape

This gushing of love from my eyes

At the dark-haired mug of the stepped-in passenger

Ugly like a dark night with no moon

Dirty with paint and with a grin

Of pain and tiredness and incomprehension.

Love gushes through eyes and pores

Of my skin, leaking out of any orifice

At the reticent hard reality of a train car,

The suited and tied clerk fingering

His phone oblivious o...

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