erotic agape

This gushing of love from my eyes

At the dark-haired mug of the stepped-in passenger

Ugly like a dark night with no moon

Dirty with paint and with a grin

Of pain and tiredness and incomprehension.

Love gushes through eyes and pores

Of my skin, leaking out of any orifice

At the reticent hard reality of a train car,

The suited and tied clerk fingering

His phone oblivious of the love

Being shot at him like bleeding

Arrows in the dark, when a blind woman

Aims at the moon and stares,

Her body quivering with the moon’s rays

extracting the juices from her flesh.

So my flesh, sprung open, in this car,

This receptacle that holds my victims near,

My beloved, my ugly, repellent, indifferent beloved

Beings, inundated by love, liquid, astonished,

Hungry, helpless, unavoidable,

Gushing out of my flesh onto you, creatures

Of the same God or mother earth or nature,

Sharing atoms with my skin and breath

With my emotions, beautiful ugly beings

That I must breathe in and transform

Into love, regurgitated in love,

Soaked in primordial goo.

And you never knew all of this about you.


◄ For Simone Weil

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Fri 25th Nov 2016 23:42

Ha thanks dave.. no, it's the 5.12 from Cambridge. But similar atmosphere I guess!

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Dave Morgan

Mon 21st Nov 2016 18:40

Would that be the 5.45 from Victoria Celia? I wondered why I felt so drained when I got off in Bolton. Makes commuting seem much more exciting. Beautifully visceral, love the moon reference, shared atoms etc

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Mon 21st Nov 2016 18:25

thanks rose, very kind! I am trying some kind of 'beat' inspiration.. ?

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Rose Casserley

Fri 18th Nov 2016 19:24

fabulous flow,cleverly worded,and constructed.

Great poem Celia!

Rose ?

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