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Soap on a rope

Soap on a rope


Where’s the soap? Yes it does she replied.

With that all knowing look, and a glint in her eyes.


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Bawdy humour

That went down a splash

That went down a splash


If poetry was shit I’d be really constipated

Sitting on the crapper feeling contemplative

Obviously, I know I can’t really po a tree

But I’ve often flushed a log down the lav a tree


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Bawdy humour


Sex in a rowing boat

is something i've never tried,

even though

a couple of oars

are generally supplied.

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Bawdy humour


I dreamed of Kim Kardashian

just the other day.

I dreamed that she had cellulite

and her hair was going grey.

I thought : she's just the one for me

we seemed to click and we talked

about the weather in Sowerby

and the cost of running a cat.


I escorted her to a burger van

we had a roll and coffee.

I thought she would have expected more

like champagne and banoff...

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Bawdy humour


Standing there silently
Just having a wee
Staring at the wall
‘Cos there's nothing to see
Just wiggling it about
To alter the stream
Peace and tranquility
Is not what it seems
There’s ying and yang 
And other forces at play
The imps are at work
Set to ruin your day
It starts at that moment
When the bladders half empty
Half ...

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Chlamydia, Chlamydia

How could a name be prettier?

You’re up there with the Chardonnays

Bianca, Sharon, Mel and Jade

Once kiss from you my lips enflame

To pass you by it causes pain

you burn your name into my hide

you penetrate me deep inside

one look from me into your eyes

and I’m left barren, sterilised…


Chlamydia, chlamydia

No name on earth i...

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Bawdy humour

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