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Updated: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 07:10 pm

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I'm a fairly new writer, I've always jotted down verses I liked since I was little but only really started taking more interest in it in 2010. I think I have improved since then but I guess I'm on here to get some constructive criticism from those who know what they're talking about!! I mainly just do this because I enjoy it at the moment, but I'm hopefully heading to university next year to do a degree in English and Creative Writing where I will hopefully improve a lot more!! But for now, my poetry is whatever I want it to be! I hope you like them.


Peat's Silent Secret. An evil so dire Now lies in a hospital bed Time to dwell on thoughts From the past, Haunting Behind the eyes Of the near deceased Her evil lover, still As dire as always No remorse nor care For those who suffered From their terrifying actions Tearing apart their once happy lives A glimmer of hope For she who searches so dearly When a spark of good will Appears in her black heart Though not enough to be forgiven For the terror they caused A mother's tear, again Is shed for her child Long lost in the earth Silent sobs from her heart Shiver through her body As she relives the horror story Searching, Longing For a thread of a memory A clue, to where her angel lies Silently, covered in cold peat soil No hint from the wind As it sweeps across the moors Footsteps after footsteps And still not a trace Of the short lived angel She once held in her arms Years have passed But the pain is still deep Desperate for a sign Never giving up Losing her mind with worry Of never finding What longs to be found Waiting, lonely and cold Guided by his killer Never allowing the memory To die with the time But lying there still A love so dear The moor's silent secret.

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 10th Dec 2012 22:35

thanx for your comment on my latest poem lucy, hope you're okay hun X

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 12th Sep 2011 00:06


<Deleted User> (8659)

Tue 15th Feb 2011 10:08

Hi Lucy. Thanks for your comment on 'Sailors Are Very Strange Men'.
I've enjoyed reading your work-keep them coming.

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chris yates

Mon 14th Feb 2011 13:02

Very thought provoking and touching poem obviously you have been moved by this mothers sad predicament :-))xx

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Dave Carr

Thu 4th Nov 2010 17:17

Hi Lucy.
Thanks for comment on Mannequin.
Your 'Peat's silent secret' poem is very sad. Saddleworth I guess.
Welcome to WOL.

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Steven Kenny

Sun 13th Jun 2010 21:47

Hi Miss Lucy! I like the work you've posted so far! As for feedback from people who know what they're doing...I can't promise you I'm one of those people but as far as I see, what you're doing is pretty good so far!

I look forward to reading more! :-)

<Deleted User> (7075)

Thu 13th May 2010 11:42

Hi There Miss Lucy... Welcome to WOL. Winston

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