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Updated: Tue, 3 Jan 2023 04:15 pm

Jeff Dawson

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Bolton's Punk Poet, Punky Bard for Socialist combo Bard Company (see fbook or ) with Rocky & Bolshie bards and poetry/music vox & guitar for combo Bard 2 the Bone - Wigan Diggers cttee member and MC.


Please shake my hand... I don't know it it's just me these days things hit me hard overcome by waves of emotion too many close to me have left this world too soon Maybe we'll meet on the other side maybe those dark days will help me see the light maybe, just maybe Puts things into persective I see conflict all around the world imploding in an undercurrent of hate None of us is perfect I don't always get it right but surely life's too short is it worth the quarrels, the fights? A country on the edge, click, click, click a world even worse, like a time bomb ticks cyber attackers have us worried sick Another worrying rise from the right no end to terrorism in sight No end to the arms race slowing down the time has come to rally round Whoever you are, wherever you're from if you are without prejudice you are welcome in my home welcome in my town If you see me, pleaase shake my hand before it all comes crashing down... Jeff Dawson (c) December 2016

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Sun 16th Aug 2020 11:38

H,i Jeff.
Thank you for the feedback,I am not sure how to do a blog yet
but I will get there,.


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Ian Whiteley

Tue 6th Jun 2017 21:30

thanks for commenting on 'This Flower' mate - I'm pleased you liked it - apologies for delay in replying

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Jeff Dawson

Fri 16th Dec 2016 21:31

Hi again Ray, sorry for late reply, been getting new book up and running! All sorted now and pleased with it ?

In answer to your question, no dont get many Southerners up here, few from the midlands! We do most of our gigs at Bolton socialist club now, Phoenix Nights club St Gregs is still there but not been to a gig for ages there.

Will be hoping to venture out again to some new venues next year, prob mainly up north I think but one day hope to perform somewhere south of the Watford Gap!

All the best Ray, Jeffarama! ?

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Sat 26th Nov 2016 14:40

Just to say thanks for commenting on OKR Jeff. Just one of those poems that is easy on the ear I think. I love the open mike thing, but it takes time to develop your own style - I like to mimic Alan Bennett quite bit. I wonder if you ever get southern readers in your neck of the woods? As a muso for years I was always up north mainly on the coastal resorts, so soaked up a lot of the flavour. I learnt about barm cake and mithering etc.!!
A dancer from Bridlington came up to me on the bandstand once and said" I've been watching you on that thing(keyboard), you know you way around it don't you. It'll be a long time before you break out into a sweat."

Best of luck with the live stuff - is there a Phoenix Nights venue?
Sorry if I've gone on a bit.

regards Ray

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Michelle Smith

Mon 21st Nov 2016 20:02

'Lest we forget' - Why did this poem make me tearful?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 9th Oct 2015 13:44

Saw you on telly last month - well done - and international too! Glad you were identified as a POET. When your face swam on-screen I yelped to my husband, 'Oh, my God! That's Jeff!' and we stopped everything to watch and listen.

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Ged the Poet

Fri 27th Jun 2014 13:54

Hi Jeff. Thank you for reading 'World Cup Widow' and 'In LlanfairPG'. Glad you liked them. Your comments gave me a big smile and really mean a lot. Just the push I need to fuel up my Vespa, attend an event and maybe read at one. Much appreciated.

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 5th Jun 2014 12:52

thanks for your kind comments on the 2 war poems mate - this is a topic I'm really enjoying getting my teeth into - wait until you hear the audio versions :-) see ya on the 14th mate


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Ian Whiteley

Sun 11th May 2014 10:59

thanks for commenting on 'digital clock blues' yes - I guess we've both been there and thankfully learned the lesson - it was cathartic to write

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 28th Apr 2014 12:01

Jeff, I'm so sorry to have missed your slot at Sale, Waterside. My allergies knocked me flat - tree pollen probably. I haven't heard you in ages.

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Ian Whiteley

Fri 25th Apr 2014 14:26

thanks for the kind comments on the 'Somme' poem Jeff - it's part of a bigger 'work in progress' I'll speak more to you about it next time I see you - yes, really enjoyed Sale and your set was predictably wonderful as always :-)

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Laura Taylor

Sat 5th Apr 2014 10:45

Haha, cheers Jeff, re Before and After. Why do we do it?! ;D

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Neil West

Sat 15th Mar 2014 22:24

Hi Jeff, I hope you are well. I was amazed to realise that it was 2009 when we last talked!! Time must move differently in the poetry dimension! Only through browsing around have I twigged there is a poetry event at the Brooklyn. I have worked in Farnworth on and off now for the best part of 20 years and used to enjoy a cheeky pub lunch there on a Friday! Hopefully, I can come along on the 20th April, I have never performed my poetry in front of an audience before but perhaps now is the time to give it a go!

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George Stanworth

Wed 26th Jun 2013 14:14

Hi Jeff,

I love your poem 'All I Want Is My Benefit Cap'. This is my type of humour. Very witty.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 13th Mar 2013 17:38

Your response to my comment about your Burnden
post is noted. I merely sought to emphasise
the difference between the reaction to an
immediate post-war tragedy in the light of what
that generation knew and had suffered, and today - when it seems we are expected to take part - on pain of being thought uncaring or worse - in virtually every instance, personal
and otherwise - of unexpected death.
The fact that the tragedy of which you write is
unknown to me (and I'm widely read - fact),
indicates the difference in generational
attitudes across the years - for better or worse.
Your decision to write about it in the way you
did is a personal one and I'm sure those who
may have a connection with the event would be
grateful for the care taken.

tony sheridan

Tue 18th Dec 2012 11:23

Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comment on Christine. Will try to get to the Cadence on 25th. Take care, Tony.

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Mikhail Smith

Mon 10th Dec 2012 21:05

Thanks for the comment Jeff - hope to visit one of your venues.

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Shirley Smothers

Sun 14th Oct 2012 20:20

Hi Jeff. Thank you for the kind comments on my poem "The Old Broken Doll" and my other poems.
This poem is based on reality.


tony sheridan

Mon 8th Oct 2012 09:46

Hi Jeff. Thanks for your comments on my poems. Have sent a reply to your message. I had a feeling that we did not know each other. Maybe we will meet one day! Take care, Tony.

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 27th Sep 2012 01:04

cheers Jeff re your petition. :o)

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Nichola Burrows

Tue 25th Sep 2012 17:27

Thanks Jeff for your comment, just finding my way again. Nice to be back... again. To be honest, I feel lost. Good place to start-over. 'I am new to writing poetry. Will you please criticise me.'I don't take offense, I would appreciate it.

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Charlotte Henson

Sun 20th May 2012 14:16


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John Coopey

Mon 16th Apr 2012 00:08

Many thanks for the kind comments on my poems recently. Sorry I can’t offer a more personal thankyou but I’ve got gremlins in my machine which makes typing a comment over the internet take an eternity. Hence this rather impersonal catch-all done in Word and pasted on-line.
Notwithstanding, many thanks.

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Andy N

Sat 17th Mar 2012 14:28

thanks for the comments over my last few pieces here, Jeff.. you have been a massive inspiration and support as always... A

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Gray Nicholls

Fri 30th Dec 2011 20:29

thanks for the comment over my poem, Jeff.. am grateful of your comments

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kealan coady

Tue 13th Dec 2011 10:50

thanks for the comments jeff, much appreciated man

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Laura Taylor

Wed 7th Dec 2011 10:00

Haha!! 'rise to stardom' indeed! :D What are you like?! Anyhow, ta for the note on me review chap, appreciate it :)

REALLY wish I could have made the performance on Monday, totally gutted that I missed it. Am massively proud of Bob and all the people involved in the group :) I actually really like the song as well!!

Hope to see you soon fella, take good care xx

<Deleted User> (9912)

Fri 2nd Dec 2011 20:54

Hi Jeff, thanks for the welcome. Guitar and Verse was a great night, some really entertaining acts, thanks for organising.

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Elaine Booth

Tue 11th Oct 2011 20:14

Oh, yes - it's in the diary! 22nd, I'll be there. X

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Laura Taylor

Tue 11th Oct 2011 10:44

Hi Jeff

Thanks for your note on Clear Blue Air, appreciate it :)

See you soon x

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