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AM Cash

Updated: Sun, 9 Oct 2022 03:49 pm

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Hello, thank you for reading my profile. I am running through the wild winds of winter and into the summer sunshine. My influences are broad, from the traditional beauty and power of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dylan Thomas, Philip Larkin and Betjeman to the depth and complexity of Seamus Heaney and modern searing truths of Charles Bukowski and now Kate Tempest. I am particularly an admirer of Ms Tempest, given my own writing is always influenced by a rhythm and beat. I personally write about love, hope, human insecurities, death, our needs, mental illness and weaknesses, strengths, deep desires to be part of a fellow brethren and the lusts of life in an everyday world. I am anti-post truth and a fighter for freedom of the mind. Each poem I write is about the truth, real people and real events. Join me in being a Poet of the Truth, in a world of chaos and rising fascism. It is time to take back this century before the post truth world takes it away x so kiss, dance and sing with me. Our news is never fake. :)


Blow wild out into my path of time, Of rhymed resistance to mild senses, Rush and swirl to abstract abandonment, Around and encased from a sterile world, As I stand awaiting my ambuscade. Reject what can only be failed inculcation, Admonished to a pointless exhausted existence, Now I rally and cry to battle, Body littered with ageing contusions, So run, run, through those wild winds of winter. Now I am running with face lashed to leather, Pounded by unkind inclement weather, But free, yes freedom to race on my way, Freed of encaged thinking to just waylay, Rebooted to radicalise this wasting day. I am an actor, a soldier, A writer to yet be named, A freedom fighter for all too tame, Run with me now or forever be shamed, Do not wait for fate to devour your wanting pain. I am running through the wild winds, Running on forever, Running past those black dog beasts, That sing the songs of anxiety and fear, Running, running, to a world not here.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

Audio entries by AM Cash

Feedback Mode (Why are the nails pointing outwards from that coffin?) (13/01/2019)

Winter Sundays (16/12/2018)

The clocks tick for war (19/03/2017)

The Spring is coming (18/03/2017)


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Mae Foreman

Mon 11th Mar 2019 11:37

Thanks A.M. for all the support! Write on!?

steven arthur

Sun 10th Mar 2019 20:01

you do great with your poems man, keep going strong!

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Mae Foreman

Sat 2nd Mar 2019 15:06

Hi A.M! Love your passionate bio! Love your powerful sample! Great work and I loved the audio too!
Thank you?

Big Sal

Sun 20th Jan 2019 12:19

Kick ass bio man.

The compassion is also on the rise, AM, let's hope it continues to do so.??

Can't wait to see what you churn out next. Something sprinkled with healthy doses of truth no doubt.

Big Sal

Sat 29th Dec 2018 22:25

Thanks man! Your words are appreciated and mean a lot.

Glad you enjoyed.??

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AM Cash

Mon 17th Dec 2018 23:38

Hi MC thanks

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 16th Dec 2018 15:47

Dear AM - reference your latest blog, you might want to
check the letters of the word "squirals" (red or grey!).
Cheers - MC

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racha chafik

Sat 28th Jul 2018 16:48

thanks for your comment on my profile it means alot

<Deleted User> (16513)

Thu 1st Mar 2018 03:56

Hello AMC, you are most welcome. Keep in touch -xx mgs

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Michaela Sheldon

Fri 16th Jun 2017 23:37

I see you enjoy F Scott Fitzgerald ? I was recently directed in a short play written by him called 'Porcelain and Pink'! It was such an enjoyable read and even more to be a part of! Plus being on a bathtub on stage was pretty daring i must say. Haha.

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AM Cash

Wed 22nd Mar 2017 22:40

Nice for my profile to become a place for free speech!

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 14th Feb 2017 21:18

Hi AM - having read your comment about Brexit on John
Coopey's home page (good to know we both enjoy his
champion chuckles), I felt obliged to point out the democracy in the superiority of "leave" votes even if the
verdict didn't meet expectations. I'm old enough to
remember the original machinations employed by Heath
and Co. (he was warned by a Tory minister that if the
British public knew what was intended they'd never vote
in favour and took the decision not to tell them!), and
the stealthy step by step tactics employed towards a
fait accompli once our MPs decided to go along. I've
watched for many years during which the high handed
behaviour of the Brussels entity saw our own prime
ministers being lectured on ignoring the opinion of the
public and become a "European" (e.g. a toady of their
master plan). This was not, and is not, the way we do things here and time has seen the wheel turn to pull
the mask of federal ambition and deceit aside. Now
they even justify seeking their own EU army, despite
the proven oversight of NATO - the true guardians of
Western security. It's all a very long way from a
"Common Market", the last occasion of a public vote
and even then the procedure was based essentially on trading between nations. It is no accident that all
that has followed has been between those already in
hock to the process of political integration - with any
reference to the peoples of the various nations
definitely OFF the CM/EEC/EC/EU (in sequence) agenda.
There had to be a reaction and it is perhaps fitting that
this small island nation should take the first step to
regain self-determination while the wider world watches with expectation and anticipation.
Cheers. MC.

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Juan Pablo Lynch

Mon 6th Feb 2017 22:52

Really enjoyed the profile and the sample. The words truth and freedom mean different things to different people so though I also wish to run free and spread the truth I hope your poems flesh out your definition of these terms to you. If we coincide in views of what truth and freedom mean then we are brethren in arms but if we disagree on these terms we run as opponents.
However, once again, really enjoyed your sample and hope to find time to read more of your work.

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Mon 2nd Jan 2017 16:16

Just to say thanks for liking World of Plastic AM. A beacon of interest is always nice in a sea of indifference. I just read your sample poem, and would like to say I admire the feistiness and resilience of soul that it expresses. Some clever lines, a sort of rally cry. Go for it!!


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Sun 1st Jan 2017 14:38

Thanks for taking time to read my stuff Andy, appreciated mate. Take care.....Jeff....


Sun 18th Dec 2016 08:10

I like your sample Mr Cash. Where's the rest?

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