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I'm Jojo, 15. Just started writing poetry. Most of my poetry is sad, depressing, or violent and do contain a large amount of profanity. It's just something easy to write about, no I'm not a depressed emo. I'm a very happy outgoing person. I like dancing and painting I guess the arts are kinda my thing.


I’m tumbling down In a world where hatred is all that surrounds All these bitches wanna talk shit behind yah back Just tell them to bend over and kiss your fat ass Every bitch wanna tear down yah self esteem As if it has no sentimental means So you just cry yourself to sleep Hoping momma will wake you up and it’ll all just be a dream So you lie awake at night Crying, hoping everything’ll turn out alright But everybody keeps bringing up the past And those bad memories are the only ones that seem to last Thoughts running in and outta your mind Past relationships putting you on your grind All you wanna do is live life and move on Maybe just runaway cause no one’ll miss you when you’re gone People who claim to accept you Will be the first to neglect you Its easy to fake a smile Lie and say its been going on for a while Everything they’ve done to you? You’re used to it Lets not start to throw a fit Just sit back and say fuck it. Serious relationships don’t mean shit Especially when everybody just hits it and quits it You can’t expect for me to trust easily When everyone just ups and ditches me Hugging, kissing, and smiling Turning into you breaking me leaving me crying Yesterday telling me that you love me Here comes the next day, Now you don’t want me? I trusted you with things I haven’t trusted anyone with before So there you go Making me feel like the dirty whore You sit there cry a day, act like it’s something Here comes the next day, And you act like it’s nothing Telling people our business, as if they have the right to be in it Starting to make me feel you never even gave a shit. I’m sitting in my room with that old candle lit Thinking about the times You told me you loved me And I was such a fool to believe it. My momma always told me not to be the one Who got caught up in this bullshit that they call “fun” I feel like I never meant anything to you And that all the things you said were lies Because its your actions that prove I never thought I could be deceived by such a lie And then you turn around a say you’re the one that wants to die? I gave you something I never thought id give away But I hope karma gets you, because you’re the one who needs to pay. Pay for all the bullshit you put me through You know the night you were hanging with your crew And you let that stupid bitch fucking kiss you. Don’t fucking sit there and tell me you love me Then fucking go ahead and fucking break up with me. I’m not a fool and I’m not dumb. Now I’m sitting here feeling all numb. Sitting here with thoughts running through my mind Thinking it would be love that I would find I found disappointment, sadness, And If I were to use an understatement I’d say that I’m caught in some type of madness. Everything I wanna do I wind up thinking of you And it pisses me the hell off Even though it’s not mine But your loss. Because bitch, I’m fucking amazing. Even though I still have this craving For me and you to be together, Could’ve been two bird of a feather But suck for us Cause now I’ve lost all trust Not only in you, but in me. Trusting my better judgment, Is the first place where I fucked up After being let down so many damn times Me feeling emotions is starting to feel like a crime I feel like im stuck behind some bars Cause living day by day is starting to become even more hard Waking up is definitely the hardest part Because no one wants to live with a broken heart. I told you in the beginning that dating wouldn’t affect our friendship I feel like it has especially with the way that you ended it You say that you love me, and you care for me and that you don’t want to hurt me Bitch I’m the fucking one who knows what’s best for me. Stop trying to use some bullshit lame excuse I’m tired of feeling like I’m playing duck duck goose. You can’t just run around, hitting whosevers ass that you fucking want They say don’t hate the player, hate the game. Even though the amount of wrong they’re doing might as well just be the same. In the beginning of this, it was for me to vent But then I got into it and changed what it had meant. I thought maybe this was starting not to make any sense Then thinking about it, man this is pretty intense. You see, I thought I knew what love was about. I was wrong and now I’m having a hard time over-coming my self-doubt. I can’t even say how much I feel broken And don’t think a single line in here is meant to be joking. Hakuna Matata, Always, and okay Are all things I’ll never take the same way. Go ahead and keep hanging with your crew And that little slut who thinks you’re cute Because after all that you’ve put me through It’s pretty clear who’s too good for who.

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