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I'm Charlotte, a music student based in London, and also an amateur spokenword poet, singer songwriter and guitarist. Poetry has been such a crucial part of my life for so long and I want to start sharing my work. I write a lot of personal poetry and about love etc. Constructive criticism is always welcome! Would love to get back into performing poetry again so fingers crossed aha


I Do Not Like You I do not like feeling alone, Like every person I have ever spoken to Has a face made of marble - Bitterly cold stone. I do not like remembering you, Seeing you when the lights in my room have been Turned out, I do not like Tabacco flavoured kisses and Never-ending apologies or Tequila laced embraces of Falsified ecstasy, I do not like breathless. Weightless, falling in love, I am not twelve years old and You are not from a Young Adult novel. I do not like feeling on the edge of Catastrophe. Collapsing, disrupting, unraveling the Tapestries I sewed to keep these Fragments of consciousness from Dissolving, I do not like resolving them into despair. I do not like your breath, Hot, heavy on my ears, Your cigarette-burnt tongue, a foreign Object splitting my skin. I do not like the feeling of Thunder in my chest, In rooms full of statues, You're the only one who blinks. I do not like your hands Against my heart, Spitting words down my neck; Your poison tastes like heroin, And I am in remission, I do not like Feeling you in my throat Dismantling my lungs with words You no longer say, stay (I think I want you to) Remember the lights in the sky The night we first touched lips Because I'm afraid I can't. (And I never did really want to forget) I do not like you.

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Big Sal

Sun 18th Mar 2018 01:34

Very descriptive, and what a way to end a night! Nice flow to your sample as well.

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