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Go for the Glow

entry picture

Go for the glow
of good health.

Go for the glow
of a clear conscious.

Go for the glow
of forgiveness.

Go for the glow
of dreaming fearlessly.

Go for the glow
of giving generously.

Go for the glow
of loving unconditionally.

Go for the glow
of a life well lived.



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Third Eye Blind

Mind spinning faster than a cyclone.
Do this, do that ad infinitum.

Worry about things beyond my control
until the scowl line blinds my third eye.

Waste life surfing the net, 
following every link that promises to take me higher, 
faster, farther than the languid loop of my existence.

Why does it never seem enough?

I long to escape the stoic-ease,
walk hand-in-hand among redwood t...

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Twisted Love

entry picture

Love once bloomed 
like a fragrant flower
in eternal spring.

Through years of 
torrential summer tears, 
then droughts,

the scent faded.

All that seemingly remains
are scorched petals that drop 
like dead leaves in fall.

But, far beneath 
the frozen surface, 
intertwined roots run deep...

Making our twisted love 
hardy, to weather the 
toughest seasons.


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Wild Life

entry picture

Life is too full of people 
willing to share their soul 
to focus on those who
aren’t open to your light. 

You were meant to soar with eagles,
not wallow with nocturnal wildlife. 

While they may be beautiful, 
mysterious, alluring, 
they thrive in darkness, 
a place you escaped long ago. 

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entry picture

Mortality stalks me 
like a jealous lover.

Breathlessly follows me
wherever I go, incessantly
banging a gong, 


it won't be long, 
come to me, let 
the pain end.

My eternal soul sees
this game of mortal gods 

and challenges me

to go where mortals
fear to tread...

Meditate in silent space
past the black hole,

beyond illness,
depression, despair

to that ...

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entry picture

Precious china, 
after the fall. 

No longer valued,
or wanted at all. 

Enter the ancient
mending art of

where the broken pieces 
are filled with gold.

Alas, they are stronger
than before,
a sight to behold. 

How befitting God 
did the same thing for me.

Filled my shattered heart
with His love, mended me.

It’s stronger now. 

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You are a creator.
I am a creator.

I created you
and you created me.

Together we create
our destiny.

Will we fill our life
with strife or harmony.

Will we hide behind fear and doubt 
or flesh our gifts out.

It is up to you.
It is up to me.

To be all we created 
ourselves to be.



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entry picture

One of my favorite games 
to play as a child 
was seeing shapes 
in the clouds: 

Dogs, cats, 
elephants, giraffes, 
airplanes, unicorns... 

It was one of the 
few pleasures 
of my childhood. 

As I grew up, 
I began to see 
scarier things:
Dragons, demons, 
torn hearts,
flaming arrows... 

Now in the archway 
of my golden years, 
I see beauty that 
brings me to tears:


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Cha-Chi Legacy

I inhale the tears 
welling up in my eyes.
Feeling like I don't have 
the right to cry for 

letting so much time go by
without saying hi,
how are you doing, 
what's new in your life?

I "kept in touch" 
watching your 
on social media, 

after a 

providing water 
and food for 
people who didn't 
know your name.

I was proud of you,

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Dancing with Addiction

How do you help
loved ones that
insist on 
tap dancing
with the demon 
of addiction?

I want to scold
them like a child
for their own good,

but I know it 
would fall
on deaf ears.

I want to hold them
tight, tell them
everything will
be alright, but
they aren't buying 
that lie.

Is my only option
to waltz around 
my candy-coated world 
and watch them


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The Enlightenment

We walk a 
fine line in 
our relationship
with others.

Words, powerful 
as they are,
miss the idiosyncrasies 
of body language 
that convey sincerity 
and good intention.

On the road 
to enlightenment,
our muse sometimes 
knicks old wounds 
that the ego 
rushes to protect. 

Our responsibility 
with freedom 
of expression,

to speak our truth 
knowing some will ...

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Yin-Yang Love

He loves me?
He loves me not?

Questions I have 
asked myself a lot 
since the day 
I said I do. 

Yes, he has a 
wandering eye,
avoids intimacy
like I am 
the blessed
Mother Mary.

Yes, he has a 
hair-trigger temper, 
can top Pinocho 
with his lies.

Our love is 
but I no longer
question why.

After four decades 
in the trenches,
I have learned 
to focu...

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entry picture

I could fill a barren sea 
full of tears I've shed
for a moment with you.

I learned to focus only 
on the good it led to.
What purpose does it serve
to open old wounds

except to serve the 
greater good. 

So, I bellow not

unless it can be
a beacon 

for mermaids
coming ashore. 

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Rose Colored Reality

entry picture

Too much reality 
can burn a hole
through your soul.

I prefer to temper it
with rose colored glasses,
as you know.

With my glasses on
I can see past the ego
to the wounds at
war within.

I can see that the
past, present, and
future are all 
an illusion...

created for one purpose

to tell the story
of how we want to 
show up in this world. 

I can see beyond 

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Naked Souls

Poetry is a 
refuge for 
a lonely life

the antidote
for pain 
and strife

warm words 
a frigid night

tonic for thirsty sailors 
drowning in an ocean 
from which we cannot drink

To our deserted island we go 

while the world 
casts us loners, 
introverts, quiet
weird, crazy...

Let them judge 
as they wine and dine 
in crowded rooms 
on cell patrol

while w...

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It's Easier to Believe

It's easier to believe
I am a child of the most high God
than to live a life of despair.

It's easier to believe
everything happens for a reason
than to question fate.

It's easier to believe
love is everywhere
than to give in to hate.

It's easier to believe
in forgiveness
than remain a victim.

It's easier to believe
in abundant blessings
than mounting problems.

It's easier ...

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