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The Writer's Plight

entry picture

For some, the writer's plight may be staring at a blank page, fear of rejection, or resistance presented in various forms. For me, the writer's plight is being available morning, noon, and night to welcome a steady stream of pop-in visitors with expectations of providing conversation, cooking, cleaning, even childcare for hours on end.

With a Mona Lisa smile, I weigh the importance of what my d...

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comfort zonedrama queenfamilyfocushabitlegacymuseprioritiesquality timerelationshipswriter's lifewriting

Dear Muse

entry picture

Hide away 
if you must. 

I don't understand 
what prompts you 
to surface anyway. 

I will do like I always do,
show up on the page,
stumble through what 
I was put on earth to do,
share my truth.

I know even though you 
fly away again and again 
to do whatever muses do, 

you will come back, 
when I least expect
and light up my soul
with your beautiful words, 
like you alwa...

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destinyfateghostsjourneylovemusemusesnamastepoetrypromptssoulstarcrossedthe universewriters block

Soul Mates & Muses

You found your 

soul mate?

I’m genuinely 

happy for you!


and unicorns 

are more common 

than soulmates. 

Please, do the lost 

and lonely among us 

a favor of great 


Make her 

your muse

so we can 

feel love too.

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Soul Flames & Star Dust

I am sorry 
to see you go,
but know you 
will fare well.

You survived hell
and have a great 
story to tell.

I know our paths 
were meant to cross
and count your departure 
as a big loss.

Even though you may 
drift far away, 
your essence remains.

Our lives are 
forever changed
from your soul flames 
and star dust.  

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changedeparturedustfireflamegoodbyeleavinglossmusepoetrysignificancesoulStory Telling

The Enlightenment

We walk a 
fine line in 
our relationship
with others.

Words, powerful 
as they are,
miss the idiosyncrasies 
of body language 
that convey sincerity 
and good intention.

On the road 
to enlightenment,
our muse sometimes 
knicks old wounds 
that the ego 
rushes to protect. 

Our responsibility 
with freedom 
of expression,

to speak our truth 
knowing some will ...

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artistic freedomenlightenmentfreedom of expressionlifelovemanmusepoetryrelationshipssoulwordswounds

About Us

Passion consumed 
eventually fades.

Passion capped 
pursues us 

beyond the grave.

This revelation 
helps me understand,

our encounter was 
never about us.

It was about our muses
intertwined in the 

world of words.

We were denied 
the lasting passion
we searched for

so we could write 
our soul songs

for seekers 
to see

the ectasy 
and despair

that accompan...

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despairectasyencounterseternityGhostslovelove poemsMusepassionsoulmatestwin flamesunrequited love


Forever ago may seem 
like 20 years of gray,
but I live forever every day.

There is no escape.

It's not the passion I miss,
I keep that memory sealed 
in a concrete kiss.

It's the lyrical 
soul connection
that went on months

before our egos
got in the way. 

In the forever between
tears and heartbreak, 

we managed 
to find ourselves 

and our destiny, here 
on this pag...

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connectiondestinyforeverheartbreakkissesmusepassionpoetrypoetsstar-crossed loveTearstime

True Love

Have I loved?
Yes, on the spectrum,
towards the sacrificial side.
Silencing my soul,
losing my identiy.
Endless nights
crying myself to sleep.
I sometimes think I would have
preferred an easy love
bouquets of rainbow colored daisies,
sparkling teeth,
a passionate love,
French kisses in Rome,
ruffled sheets,
a forever love,
hugs, holding hands, 
finishing each other's sentences...

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blank pagekisseslovelove poemslove poetryMuseRomeSilencesoulwriter's groups

My Dopamine

Your words flow 
though my veins 
and light up my soul 
like nothing 
I've ever known.
Chemical alchemy.
Cosmic destiny.
Beyond comprehension.
From another dimension.
Steam. My dopamine. 

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The Bleeding Edge

The razor thin space between 
stimuli and response 
is decision. 

I decided to put a  
romcom relationship
where love never ends
and be, just friends. 

It was a defining decision.

He decided that without 
certain stimuli, there would be 
no response, just an end.

Tempting as it is to give in
to conditioned responses,
I'm riding the razor's edge
into a new frontier...

A pla...

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choicefriendshiplovemusepoetsrelationshipsromcomself-respectwriter lifewriting

Naked Souls

Poetry is a 
refuge for 
a lonely life

the antidote
for pain 
and strife

warm words 
a frigid night

tonic for thirsty sailors 
drowning in an ocean 
from which we cannot drink

To our deserted island we go 

while the world 
casts us loners, 
introverts, quiet
weird, crazy...

Let them judge 
as they wine and dine 
in crowded rooms 
on cell patrol

while w...

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cell phonesintrovertlifelonelymuseoutcastspoetryprisonsoultruthwriterwriting

My Muse

You have come to visit me. 
Welcome. I have missed you. 
I often see you hiding behind the laundry, 
patiently waiting until the neverending chores are done. 
Then, when I finally sit down to talk, 
you disappear like an unwritten dream, 
leaving me speechless. 

Today, for the moment, 
you are here 
and I have so much to say. 
Won't you stay 
and be my friend?

My Muse Replies:

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