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Lucid Dreams

I want to sleep, so I can dream. 

Dreaming makes the pain go away,

weakens my prison walls,

so you can rescue me. 


I feel your warm breath on my face,

your loving embrace... 


Hand-in-hand we run through the lush,

exotic island. 


Our laughter echoes among the trees

as we look towards the horizon and

see eternity... 


Dawn beckons me.

I don’t wa...

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Brick Roads

Ten years old,

gigging frogs,

avoiding horny toads. 


Then a teen,

in search of the wizard,

playing pinball, drinking, smoking. 


On to adulthood,

pushing back when anyone 

crossed the line. 



doing time

with this karma of mine.


Traveling brick roads

that lead to

nowhere particular. 


But, as long as there is 

music and poe...

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Dancing with Poets

Thank God for kindred spirits

who get it,

this lyrical love affair

that consumes our days

and lights up starless nights,

that eases the strife

of a messed up life,

that creates a paradise,

where passion pervades,

and love never fades.

# # #


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Can We Pretend

Can we pretend
     social media highlights
     are every day life.

Can we pretend
     children aren't starving,
     neglected or abused.

Can we pretend
     Mother Earth will
     pardon our plundering.

Can we pretend 
     animals don’t suffer 
     for our gluttonous pleasure.

Can we pretend
     greed doesn't 
     fuel disease.

Can we pretend
     God is real and 

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entry picture

You ask if I believe in God...
How can I not?

To deny my Father
means I leave my existence
to some 30 year old predator
who impregnated a girl half his age
and left her to raise their child
in the wilderness, among wolves 
that feed on loneliness and despair.

Without my Father, I would never know
that after suffering comes deliverance,
pain leads to compassion,
forgiveness breaks b...

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Forgive me, for not 
being the mother 
you needed me to be.

For being too busy,
too naive to see 
what was happening 
in front of me.

For being silent
when your father 
screamed and demeaned.

For when I thought it
was sweet that your 
boyfriend carried you
to your room when you 
"fell asleep".

For not enough hugs
and too many lectures.

For not seeing the signs
of addict...

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Wild Life

entry picture

Life is too full of people 
willing to share their soul 
to focus on those who
aren’t open to your light. 

You were meant to soar with eagles,
not wallow with nocturnal wildlife. 

While they may be beautiful, 
mysterious, alluring, 
they thrive in darkness, 
a place you escaped long ago. 

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Fool me once 
shame on you.

Fool me twice 
shame on me.

Fools forever 
chasing love 
and destiny. 

Think it through
before you give up 
for a moment 
in the sun 
on the sinking ship
of fools. 



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Dear Muse

entry picture

Hide away 
if you must. 

I don't understand 
what prompts you 
to surface anyway. 

I will do like I always do,
show up on the page,
stumble through what 
I was put on earth to do,
share my truth.

I know even though you 
fly away again and again 
to do whatever muses do, 

you will come back, 
when I least expect
and light up my soul
with your beautiful words, 
like you alwa...

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Dear Poet

entry picture

I wish you could 
see yourself 
as I see you. 

You see 
an outcast, 
rebel without a cause.

I see 
a tormented soul 
with so much potential. 

Silver-tongued sage, 
healing hearts 
with the flick of a pen 
on a tattered page. 

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Wild Flowers

entry picture

In the blue-green meadow

of my silent soul, 

scorpion grass - 

dormant for decades,

now grows wild and free, 

sustaining me, 

spreading love

for the aching world

to behold its beauty.  

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Super Snow Moon

entry picture

Super Snow Moon tell us 

the secrets you keep 

when you orbit earth 

as we sleep.

Tell us it is 

an optical illusion 

adding to our mass confusion.

Tell us of war and peace,

famine and feast.

Tell us please... 

How are we so different 

when it's the same moon we see?

Oh Supermoon, how we hunger for 

your guiding light from above 

to fill us with w...

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Soul Mates & Muses

You found your 

soul mate?

I’m genuinely 

happy for you!


and unicorns 

are more common 

than soulmates. 

Please, do the lost 

and lonely among us 

a favor of great 


Make her 

your muse

so we can 

feel love too.

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The Enlightenment

We walk a 
fine line in 
our relationship
with others.

Words, powerful 
as they are,
miss the idiosyncrasies 
of body language 
that convey sincerity 
and good intention.

On the road 
to enlightenment,
our muse sometimes 
knicks old wounds 
that the ego 
rushes to protect. 

Our responsibility 
with freedom 
of expression,

to speak our truth 
knowing some will ...

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I use pseudonyms 
because I like to, 
because I want to, 
because I can! 

It’s one of the few things 
I feel in total control of 
in this chaotic world. 

I like the sound 
of my pseudonyms,

they fit in with famous  
pen names like 
Eliot, Bell,
Orwell, Wilder, 
Voltaire, Vautaw... 

See, besides the obvious
can you tell 
which ones are me?

Sometimes I write

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Rose Colored Reality

entry picture

Too much reality 
can burn a hole
through your soul.

I prefer to temper it
with rose colored glasses,
as you know.

With my glasses on
I can see past the ego
to the wounds at
war within.

I can see that the
past, present, and
future are all 
an illusion...

created for one purpose

to tell the story
of how we want to 
show up in this world. 

I can see beyond 

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About Us

Passion consumed 
eventually fades.

Passion capped 
pursues us 

beyond the grave.

This revelation 
helps me understand,

our encounter was 
never about us.

It was about our muses
intertwined in the 

world of words.

We were denied 
the lasting passion
we searched for

so we could write 
our soul songs

for seekers 
to see

the ectasy 
and despair

that accompan...

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