Mona Lisa 100 word story

Mona Lisa was found in Leonardo’s studio.

Leonardo held on Mona Lisa. It became the property of the French people during the French Revolution, 1787-1789.

The three-quarter view of Mona Lisa broke from the standard profile pose.
In 1911 Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louver.

During World War Two Mona Lisa was evacuated to various locations in the French countryside.

In 1809 cleaning an...

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I became
angry, upset hostile.


You had no

idea why I

was like this.


Could it be?

Because of your
controlling and
manipulative personality?


Of course not,
nothing is ever your fault.

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Lilith First Wife to Adam



Lilith, first wife to Adam. She refused to be submissive to Adam, God or his Angels.


She chose to live freely. She was turned into a Demon for disobeying God.


Known as stealers of Babies and seducers of single Men.


Many talismans bearing the names of the Three Angels who tried to force Lilith to return to The Garden of Eden have been found. This is to ward he...

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The Sea

The sound of the sea

Poetry to my psyche

Siren's song to soul

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