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Brick Wall

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I've built a
wall around

I keep even
my loved ones

They are hurt
and think I
am mad at

No, I just don't
want to bring
them down.

I don't want
to make them
depressed too.

Shirley Smothers


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Snow blankets the ground

In hibernation sky, earth

The quite landscape

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A purr and nuzzle

She kneads my shoulder gently

She puts me to sleep

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Spilling words
Like blood
Onto the white page

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My Heart

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My Heart

At the door of

Your Soul

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I am deflated

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Mime Rhyme, slightly different

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I am a Mime

Can I make

a rhyme?


Sure I can

make a rhyme.


But who would

hear it?

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Who is This Woman in the Mirror SHAPE POEM

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Who is

this woman

in the mirror?

When did her hair

start to turn grey? What

happened to the young girl

who used to laugh and play?

Who is this woman in the mirror?

When did these wrinkles appear? What

happened to the young girl whose parents

used to call "Dear"? Who is this woman

in the mirror? When d...

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My anxiety
Is literally killing me
Combat the dark force

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God is Everywhere translated to Vietnamese retranslated to English

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God is in the flower

God is in the tree

God in heaven

God is in the wind

God everywhere you go

Every place you play.

But more importantly

God is in the heart

Get your mind as your home .

My poem God is Everywhere was translated into Vietnamese. Then retranslated into English. The transalater is Hue Khai Van Tap. His religion is Caodaism. My poem is slightly different but s...

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Haiku's inspired by the Poetry of Bruce Lee

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The fallen blossoms
Clouds floating across the sky
They blend together

Waves crash around us
The water becomes murky
Will clear by it's self

Bird sail purple sky
Finds the pink rose blossoming
Dawn purple to gold.


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He's the sinner's Savior, He's God's Son

His goodness is limitless, His life is matchless

He's incomprehensible, He's indescribable

The grave couldn't hold Him, but he can hold you.

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Parody of Achy Breaky Heart

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Don't tell my leg
My Achy Breaky leg
I just don't think
I could stand.

And if you tell
my leg my
Achy Breaky leg
I might just fall
and break
My hand,

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The Price of Freedom (much longer version)

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A ghostly image of a soldier

stood in the background,

the scent of lilac's filled the air

even though it was winter.


A Mother with a babe in her

arms stood by a grave site.

Lilac's were the flowers her

husband had given her before

he left for war. So she

felt his presence.


She whispered, "Father this

is yo...

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Anxiety, My Companion (a daily struggle)

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Sometimes I can

rail against it,

sometimes it

conquers me.


Sometimes I hide

it well, other

days the fatigue

of fighting it shows.


Some people



Others say,

"Get over Yourself."

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The Creepy Old House

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In a creepy old house I

found a creepy old doll.

I bent to pick it up

and boy did I have a fall.


I stood up had a lump

on my head, but

otherwise alright.

I looked out the window,

day had turned to night.


I looked and looked but

did not find the doll.

I turned to leave and there

it was han...

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Rainbow Bridges

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Rainbow Bridges


Rainbow bridges
and Ice Cream ridges.

A Cotton Candy cloud
Everyone is wowed.

A Chocolate mountain
flows into a Chocolate fountain.

Boy am I
gonna get fat!

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FatIce CreamRainbow


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My wish
Is to inspire

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