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A Clean Limerick











There was a black cat on a grave

He did not want to misbehave

He was abandoned there

And it was just not fair

But then he attended the Zombie Rave





This Limerick was inspired
by "Limerick Friday"/Facebook

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cleanfunny poemLimerick

Ninety one Word Story of My Life











I was born in Texas and raised in Arkansas. I was taught that if you worked hard and tried even harder you could accomplish anything.

In some ways this is true. At the age of 26 I joined the army.

Even though my service from 1986-1988 was a little boring. I did something that at the time was unusual for a Woman. I served along side Men and pr...

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Difficult Haiku

To end life support

A difficult decision

Rest in peace Daddy

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Sometimes I wish I

were a little more happy.

But I just feel

so darned sad.


Sometimes with myself I

get a little angry.

Sometimes I get

a little mad.


It's said to "Look

for the silver lining."

But all I see

is the dark cloud.


I try to quite

the uneasy voices.

But sometimes they are

just so...

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Another Two Line Horror Story

I look into the mirror, an old Woman is staring back at me!

AHH!, oh wait, it's just me.




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Two Line Scary Story

There are ghost to my left and to my right.

I look at my hand, oh no, I can see right through me.





This was an old writing challange.

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ghost storyline. scarrytwo

A Lone Tree Survives














A lone tree survives

In Man's greed to make money

Is our own downfall

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Alliteration Poem About Anger

















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Lune Poetry

Anger consumes me

Eats my soul like cancer

Self inflicted hell


Woman in mirror

Who is this old person

OMG it's me


A ghostly soldier

Wife and babe are alone

Price of Freedom


Mimes make rhymes

Sure Mimes can make rhymes

Who'd hear it


The many criticisms

Crash on me like thunder

Endure the storms


A hollow vic...

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lune poetry

Daddy edited poem













My brother

called you back

from the edge

of death.


But you were

in so much

pain, and you

had suffered enough.


We said good bye,

My Mother, My sister,

My brother and I.


We held each

other and

we cried.


The day that

you left us.

The day


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emotional painlost fatherlove














My brother

called you back

from the edge

of death.


But you were

in so much

pain, and you

had suffered enough.


We said good bye,

My Mother, My Sister,

My Brother and I.


We held each

other and we

did cry.


The day that

you left us.

The day


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lost fathersaddness

The One I Love- 15 word poem
















Look into

my eyes.


The sparkle

you see

in them

is my

love for you.

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lovepoemshort poem

I have the right to write









I have the

right to write.

You may not

like what I

have to say.


I have the

right to write,

I'll do

it anyway.


I have the

right to write.

With this you

may not agree.


I have the

right to write.

You know where

you can kiss me!



This was written a few


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Footle Poems











Mime Rhyme


Mime rhyme

In time




Up down





Some fun

In sun




A cute





A mouse

In house




A cat

Big rat




A moose

Is loose




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So Very Alone














My name is Susan and this is my story.

When I was nine years old my parents and I moved to a run down farmhouse. This house was in the middle of nowhere. We were miles from our nearest neighbor. This made me feel so very alone.

About a month later my Ghost made his first apperance. It was a windy night. I was ...

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familyghost storyscarry

My Mother In Law, My Mon














I called you

Mom from day one.

You called me

Shirley, sometimes

you called me Hon.


But I had

to let you go,

I had to say

"Good Bye."

But in my heart

I said,

"Mom please

don't die."


That was more than

ten years now.

Sometimes I

still cry. That ...

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Eyes in the Darkness







Through the window

a star less night,

only gloom and stillness.


A shadow

moves in

the hollow.


Across the clearing

a pair of red

flaming eyes!


They seem to

float through the

air.  The

fear, the horror!


I close my

eyes afraid to

look.  Afraid of

what I might see!



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My Poetry













In writing poetry

I am a hack.

But I enjoy

writing so give

me some slack.


With the

comments don't

be mean, or

overly critical.


Please be


and please

be political.



This poem was not written

about anyone on writeoutloud.net

This is jus...

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Birds on High














I saw birds

flying high

in the sky.


I wanted to

join them but

I can't fly.


Sometimes I feel

low, and I

just want to cry.


My smile, for

you see it

is fake.


Cause my soul

it surely

does ache.


I look for

a glimpse of

peace, ...

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Haiku about Dad

His whistle echo's

The memories of my mind

Really miss my dad

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So Why do I Write













So why do I write?

I am not a poet,

but I write a

lot of poetry.


So why do I write?

I write to

show my

point of view.


So why do I write?

Sometimes it's to

feel like I have

a small amount

of control.


So why do I write?

I write what

I feel.



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Christ Love in lamp shape
















Heart beats young

heart beats old,

with a love of Christ

Your heart beats bold.

Be ye rich, be ye poor, with

a love of Christ you'll have so

much more.

The rain falls

on just and unjust.

But remember Christ

rain settles the dust.

Don't float listlessly

on a s...

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Lanterne Poem








beats young

or beats old,

make yours his home






This is my first attempt

at writing a Lanterne poem.




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Heals The Soul









It's said

"laughter is

the best


But poetry

heals the




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Jimmy Rockford
















Jimmy, Jimmy

you are the one.

You make being

a detective

look like

so much fun.


Angel may involve

you in an escapade.

You'll get him

out of the mess,

but you'll never

get paid.


We know being

a real detective

can be

 quite boring.

But when we

watch "Rockford"


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Ghostly Quiet














It was ghostly

quiet, not a

living soul around.

No one to

hear my cries.

If I should

die not to

be found.


There was only

silence, I felt

so scared and alone.

To pass away

and it not

to be known.


I clasped my

cross tight in

my hand.

I praye...

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I'm Not Perfect













I'm Not perfect.


Some say I'm

too ugly.

Some say I'm

too old.

Some say I'm

too reserved.

Some say I'm

to bold.


I am who

I am.

I'm not

fancy or glam.


I'm not perfect.

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A Letter to Myself













You promised yourself

to begin acting sensibly.

Up until now your

choices have been

less than satisfactory.


Make the right move.

It is still within reasonable

time. Acknowledge

you need help.


Your history has

been spotted, but

you have a

nimble wit.  Of the


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your letter

The One I Love











If ever you

doubt my


look into

my eyes.


The sparkle

you see

in them

is my

love for you.


If ever the

sparkle diminishes,

do not fear.


My love

is not


Only that

my health

has diminished.



A little late for valentines,


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The Emergency Room Visit














     I find an empty chair in a crowded emergency waiting area. I have a bad case of the flu and feel like I am going to die.

     Seated across from me are three young girls and their mother. I assume their ages to be around 5, 7 and 9 years of age. The youngest and most vocal of the three, Denise says, "Let's pl...

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DreamEmergency room spooky

The Ole Fishin Hole (Haiku)

The ole fishin hole

Toss a stone it make ripples

Water has turned green.

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Deep Down Inside










Deep down


I have

no pride.


Deep down


I've taken

the slide.


Deep down


my soul

the demons

 have fried.


Deep down



Shirley Smothers



I wrote this poem a few years ago. I wrote it to be bad on purpose.

Someone rec...

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Bad poetryhumorSilly

Sweet Isabella

Baby girl is home

Mom and dad so very proud

Sweet little baby

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