I found myself in a nightmarish place. There were lots of people, if that’s what you can call them. Some were horribly disfigured. Some seemed to be more demon than human.
These people/demons were cannibals. Eating people they had captured. Some ate them alive ripping them limb from limb. Others preferred them to be killed first and then cooked.
I kept asking, “Why haven’t you eaten me, or killed me?” A young girl who seemed almost Human except she walked and talked like a Zombie, said, “We like you. So you’d better be nice to us!”
I had been there one thousand years. I was still the same but everyone was becoming more heinous, more monster, more demonic. 
I refused to eat what was provided. I was able to go out of this cavernous place but not far. Something held me back. Like an invisible force field. I could find vegetation. This is what sustained me.
But I was weakening. I needed protein to survive. But still I fought against this urge. I stumbled into the kitchen. The cook who was a Monster said, “Oh how the mighty have fallen. Won’t you join me in a delicious meal?”
I screamed, “No you will never make me!” He grabbed me and tried to force a disgusting blob of meat down my throat. Instead I hugged him with all that was Human in me and said, “You don’t have to be this!”
He let me go and screamed, “Oh God please help me?” He collapsed and was dying. I cried “I’m sorry I did not mean to harm you.” He held out a tentacle and said, “No please hold me, I promise I will not harm you.” I held him even though I felt I was going to retch. It took hours but he slowly turned into a Human.
When he was fully Human, I asked. “Is this what has happened? You’ve all lost your Humanity.” He said, “I don’t really remember, I have been here a millennia. But yes this must be it. You are the one who must help us all.”
I cried, “I can’t, this is too much, I am only one, there are a hundred thousand of you.” He took my hand and said, “You have been here one thousand years and still you are Human. You can do this I will be by your side. “
I am still human it has been thousands of years. Slowly but surely I am returning these creatures to their former Human state. When they become Human I tell them they must leave this place. Go back and be the Humans they were meant to be. If they lose their Humanity they will surely return to this hellish place.
Why me, I have no clue. Some of the humans have tried to worship me. I tell them this is what turned them into the Monsters in the first place. “Do not worship false Gods.” Be human treat others as you wish to be treated.”
A warning, “Do not lose your Humanity.”

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Fri 7th Sep 2018 19:54

A gargantuan effort but some really interesting myth and magic in the making Shirley. All sorts of ideas start to come out if we follow the torture and the begging and pleading.


Big Sal

Fri 7th Sep 2018 17:46

Terrifying atmosphere, lovely lesson Shirley, well done on this. ?

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