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A Mime Rhyme

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Can a Mime
make a rhyme?
Sure a Mime
can make a rhyme.
But who would
hear it?

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Haiku Inspired By Bob Ross

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Whisper of mountain
Floating across the abyss
Happy accident

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Wake up Midas

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Wake up Midas

it isn't your time.

Those dogs had

no right to take

you from me.

"Wake up baby!"
I'm crying,

"Wake up!"


Please don't leave

so soon.

I'm the one

that let you outside.


Wake up,

oh please wake up.

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The Price

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The price of freedom

is it to much to pay.

To allow someone to come ashore

to live another day.


Allow these people to some dignity

and have a chance at a decent life.

They've suffered enough

they've had enough strife.


Dedicated to the

Syrian refugees



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The Last Day of Summer

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You left us on
the last day of Summer.
Today is the
first day of Fall.
My tears are
falling for you.
Good bye my baby,

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In Your madness, genius

In Your strangeness, visions.

In Your many sleepness nights

a heritage to mankind.

In your life so often overlooked.


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Rhymed Couplet and Rhymed Haiku

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To sleep and have a pleasant dream
And not to waken with a scream





To sleep and have a
Pleasant dream not to waken
With horrible scream











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coupletdreamRhymed Haiku


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In sleep
To write down
Pen and paper
Hope to inspire someone


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Twenty, One Line Poem

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A ghostly Soldier, a Mother and babe alone, the price of freedom.

The chilled air rushes through the leaf strewn forest floor, winter's on its way.

A Mime make a rhyme, sure a Mime can make a rhyme, but who would hear it.

God is good and great, praise him now and don't be late, will decide Your fate.

The wind blows the snow into whirlin...

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Haikus inspired by Marilyn Monroe

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Heart translates to pain
If only to find relief
Help this weary soul


I tried to love You
But You left, never returned
Good nite my once love

Eyes windows of soul
But the nite has eyes that see
My darkest of fears

A blue velvet couch
Left my doll in her carriage
The doll was stolen



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haiku poemsMarilyn Monroe

Memorial Day

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The following was written by
my niece Cynthia Smothers Carter
and is used with her permission.

But I have come to the conclusion that
it has always rained on Memorial day
and I have figured out why.

The rain is the tears of all our fallen
Soldiers past, present and future. 
Thank You for Your service and the
ultimate sacrifice You have m...

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Hidden Acrostic Poem

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Why Is It I Write

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To express myself
To inspire someone else
To send a message

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Haikuold give it a seven inspired hateWrite

I Am not a Great Writer

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I am not a great writer
But in my writing I can be great.

You only go around once

in this life.


In my writing I have visited

Haunted houses, been greeted

by my long gone Father, and

even been to space.


I am not a great writer,

but my Family supports

and encourages me.


So, Yes I am a great w...

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Expect, Assume

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I expect not to

Expect I assume not to

Assume, Life in words

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The Light of Faith

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I tend to

hide my

faith. I am

afraid of

being criticized.


But do not

follow my example.

Do not hide

your light.


Let your light

of faith shine

bright for all

to see.

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