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Calm My Mind

God please calm my mind
And heal my heart, I am drained
Please take away pain

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The Still Quiet Air

The still quiet air
The freezing touch of his hand
Death is by my side

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Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour
Heart is put into everything
I try to be a good person
Really love my family
Lets things pile up
Everyday struggles with depression
Yet keep trying





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The tree
Leafless bony

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I found myself in a nightmarish place. There were lots of people, if that’s what you can call them. Some were horribly disfigured. Some seemed to be more demon than human.
These people/demons were cannibals. Eating people they had captured. Some ate them alive ripping them limb from limb. Others preferred them to be killed first and then cooked.
I kept asking, “Why haven’t you eaten me,...

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False GodsHumanityMonsters

I Was Hungry

I was hungry and denied food.
I was thirsty and went without,
I was a stranger and you turned me away.

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Six word Story

Empathy is
not your
Strong suit.

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Our skins are different colors
But we all bleed the color red
Be compassionate 

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Broken Egg Shells

Your moods,
Walking on
Egg shells.

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Aretha Franklin Acrostic











R really loved
E especially beautiful
S sexy in many ways
P perfect harmony
E enjoyed by many
C close to perfection
T talented

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The Hour is Late

An innocuous, yet mysterious woman walks into the local bar. She approaches the Bartender and says in a flat tone, “Water please.”

She is around 5 feet tall. She has long, dark, slightly stringy hair. Her eyes are very dark, almost black. Her clothes are old and worn.

He says, “Honey this is no place for you. You should go back where you came from.” A man taps her on the shoulder and ask, “H...

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mysterioustoo latewoman

Mountains in the Mist

Mountains in the mist
Lazy clouds roll slowly by
Small pleasures in life.

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Missing You

A thousand


Are between

Thee and me

Even though

Need love


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My Dreams

My dreams they have died
Buried deep within myself
Hope to renew them

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Open Your Eyes

I had been feeling sad and lonely. I decided to go back into the past and visit my childhood home. When I arrived, my sister, mother, and brother were sitting at the kitchen table having a meal. I walked in and said, “Hello.” They welcomed me warmly and asked, “How have you been?”

In a short while my Father joined us and demanded to know, “Why are you here?” I was taken aback and said, “I’m lon...

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My Name is Sarai

My name is Sarai. This is the year 1400 of Our Lord and Saviour. I am Twenty and Eight years in age.


I have been married to my husband Jacob since I was the age of 14. I have birthed unto Jacob five children. The third being a girl lived but only a few hours.  She had difficulty in her breathing and having a bluish tint to her skin.


We buried her quickly in hopes if she carried a d...

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Words Flow









Words flowing from my mind
Touching people I don't know
Facing the future



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Stormy Blue Eyes











His stormy blue eyes
Mesmerized many women
But they sparked for her

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Altars to the God's Shape Poem












Altars To the Gods


I once

saw an

altar built

to honor a

God. Which

God I do not know.

The day was overcast

and threatened rain. The

years and the elements had

wrecked havoc on this altar. A

mouse scurried across this crumbling

stone. A bird of prey swooped down and

carried away this small creature. A...

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The sun is still

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Metaphor, Acrostic

Hope is like

A bird that

Perches in the soul.

Passes time

Yearning for adventure.

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Forgot to Water













to water

my writing

so now many

words have













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Humorous versePoemShape

Advice in Four word lines, or less.





Take care of Yourself.
Just love Yourself.
Just follow Your heart.
Don't over think problems.

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