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This is my street, the film proclaimed

an RT bus, a dustcart, camera

above eye level with a railway bridge one end

and a row of uniform terraces.


The plot, a warp and weft

of flash harry on the prowl

steamy cafes,

sleazy nightclubs

cars swung into kerbs. 


Painted doxies and helpless wives

living tainted roles on London streets,

kiddies' dollys in the turb...

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Baroness Browning is indisposed

upon her back covered in dust

she claws the unfamiliar air,

legs like sticks stuck out each side

the Baroness is in a mess. 


Her feathers are ruffled

she's slightly kerfuffled,

a bantam like her deserves some decorum

but lice are no respecter of chickens

and have to be removed. 


Her owner and daughter pat her with powder


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Bound as in a spider's last embrace

like a fly bereft of wings in air

shackled o'er a quarry's jagged face

my body slung for pleasure as in a dare.


On a wire suspended and marooned

imagination stretching just for sport

fearful of the gap I lie festooned

as if to walk the plank and count for nought. 


Then like an eagle taking to the sky

plunge in mortal dread de...

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