This is my street, the film proclaimed

an RT bus, a dustcart, camera

above eye level with a railway bridge one end

and a row of uniform terraces.


The plot, a warp and weft

of flash harry on the prowl

steamy cafes,

sleazy nightclubs

cars swung into kerbs. 


Painted doxies and helpless wives

living tainted roles on London streets,

kiddies' dollys in the turbulent dust

blitz sites jagged against a numbing sky.


Ian Hendry with his piggy eyes

the one who Jack Carter killed,

younger in this role as Lothario

with pocket handkerchief and Italian suit

in an open topped car. 


John Hurt pre Rillington Place

deliciously naive in a minor role. 

Key on a string through a letterbox

for easy access: the key to the film.  




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Sun 1st Aug 2021 15:58

Got that Greg - I love the Kinks stuff so full of moodliness(?) and nostalgia. Thanks

Thank you Brenda, nice to hear that.

Thanks Mark. I'm sure the streets were full of intrigue for you too. I can't resist anything from that period or earlier. My favourites include sights of London trams (Lavender Hill Mob eg). which I just remember.

Stephen, cheers for joining in and just to say the southern "edge" was no match for the likes of Tom Courtenay and Albert Finney but I found this close to Up the Junction in style and leeriness. The East End was greatly affected of course, but I remember the city equally devastated as my dad worked there.

Thank you for your like Holden.

Glad to have garnered interest in this!

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 31st Jul 2021 16:56

Thanks, Ray. Very enjoyable. It's a pretty good film, although without some of the grit of the New Wave Northern classics. I used to be taken back to the East End of London as a boy to visit relatives and I do remember how much was still bomb damaged, as you mention.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 31st Jul 2021 16:17

An enjoyable saunter through the yesteryears that a number of us
can recall. The inclusion of those names towards the end adds to
the verisimilitude and encourages images of others to appear in
the mind's flickering projection booth.

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Brenda Wells

Sat 31st Jul 2021 11:16

Great atmosphere, real sense of place. Thanks

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Greg Freeman

Fri 30th Jul 2021 20:22

Enjoyed this, Ray. Reminds me of the Kinks song Dead End Street

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