Billy the Kid was an outlaw,

in laws are more subtle in their approach,

so be sure to make checks.

They may have interesting features

like gothic architectural interiors,

but when familiarity takes hold

there is no knowing what may happen. 


The only known cure is isolation

and banishment from the arena.

If none of this is possible

go vigilante, pack six guns

cheroot and spurs, never accept gifts

of towels saying his and hers. 






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Mon 1st Nov 2021 14:43

Thanks Jennifer for your insider view on this. I like to be playful but often it's a matter of perspective!


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jennifer Malden

Sun 31st Oct 2021 09:27

Lovely play on words, and enjoyed the old, (not to me) joke.
Found ,by experience, that it is even more difficult to be, in particular, a mother in law. Keep up the goodwork, Jennifer

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Fri 29th Oct 2021 22:23

Thanks for reading and liking Holden.

Thanks Stephen A. I remember an old joke asking the difference between outlaws and inlaws, the answer being that outlaws are wanted. That was in the back of my mind!

Graham, I think there is often a sort of guardedness in mingling on the inlaw footing; sometimes a halo and a crucifix can help.
Glad you liked it !

I'm glad that worked for you Stephen G. It's that desire for a rhyming ending always has me trying.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 29th Oct 2021 16:36

Never was a truer line spoken than the last, Ray.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 28th Oct 2021 14:43

I think I've been lucky with my in-laws although we do keep them at arms length. A little but not too often. By the way this is clever stuff Ray.

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 27th Oct 2021 22:44

Yip, outlaws & in laws, sure is little difference 🤠 Nice one Ray.

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