My relationship with the bicycle is complete

no impairment of cognition

the experience is mutual

a proper relationship  -

we share memories.


Do you remember? she'll say.

For an answer I challenge her,

develop a sweat while

a fresh wind blows through her hair,


our movements are synchronised

her lean lines a support,

once again she is ripe for sport. 




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Fri 24th Sep 2021 21:18

Thanks you Aisha, Stephen and Holden for following and liking!

Nice to get your comment Keith. It was quite deliberately that I drew a parallel with sexual congress, that's fine! Some love their machines and there will be overlaps, albeit usually subconscious.
Glad you enjoyed. I've just resumed going out on the bike and spent quite a lot in tarting it up , as it were!

Thanks Graham, I wanted to prove I could still perform (on the bike) and I did feel very involved and a sense of freedom. Great all round, though a bit knackering.


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Graham Sherwood

Thu 23rd Sep 2021 07:57

This is something of a departure (no pun intended) for you Ray. I can see what Keith sees in the last verse too.

I particularly like the way you have given the bicycle a persona. I really like it.

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keith jeffries

Wed 22nd Sep 2021 22:54

I enjoyed this. Slightly sensual but that's my unfortunate way of seeing life. The last stanza is quite erotic.
Well done Ray


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